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  1. No coding required. :) If you're interested in testing the patch please let me know. I put any changes I make through heavy testing but there are a few experimental patches that would be nice to test their effects on AI. I prob won't release them as part of patch unless they've been vetted properly. If you're interested, send me a PM on AC2 and I'll share current release class. Looking for some help updating the French and German files. The installer that I made for patch will be able to handle different languages. It's only English for now until I can get help updating other languages. Then there is just working on getting bug tracking wiki and/or reporting issues which is always useful.
  2. Heh nice. Will use bigger one cheers!
  3. Well, the voxel setting doesn't disable the CPU check just overrides the value it creates. It was probably the disabling of CPU check because even with voxel it could be problematic. Anyway, what matters is it works! No reinstall necessary. Just download package here and replace the exe's and that's it. I'd replace or delete the terranx.exe of mine that you already have but for SMAC I'd make a backup of original before coping one in from v1.0 of unofficial patch. I'd recommend looking at installation notes because there are some other notes about other patches outside of exe. All of them are optional but few like setting voxel setting back to 0 or deleting it are highly recommended.
  4. @Misotu: I'm glad it's working for you and yes unofficial patch has CPU check disabled. Actually, what I did in release you're using (which I'm considering a pre-release) is set ForceOldVoxelAlgorithm to 1 inside the code. This was a known solution to solving the crash and by doing this in code made it so folks wouldn't have to edit ini file. However, after more investigation prompted by this thread I found my initial method isn't the best solution (see thread for more details). In v1.0 I'm posting later today, I've totally redone code to take this into account. So not only will it not crash but you'll also get better performance than you would have with setting ForceOldVoxelAlgorithm. :)

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