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  1. :b: I've chosen my 2 favorites.
  2. That clarifies things. Thanks!
  3. A copter question. If a copter from Faction A crash-lands at the end of its turn (but is still alive) and Faction B wants to attack it, what is the best weapon: interceptor or penetrator? Is the copter considered as landed (and thus easy prey to a penetrator) or as a flying unit (requiring an interceptor)?
  4. And I.
  5. Greetings, VaderSeven! Even after years of playing, noob moments still happen, this game is incredibly deep.:b: I can't speak for others but I can make you recommendations to help you make it much more than just a game: an experience! First, the advice would be (if you didn't already of course) to read the introduction story of how the UN mission failed and why (if you didn't already of course). Journey to Centauri is downloadable at: And then, to read the 2 novels quoted (in the printed manual, that you probably don't own) as the most influential in making this game: - Frank Herbert's The Jesus Incident (for drones and native life) - Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars (for terraforming and faction leaders...and so much more) By doing this, the game becomes alive. Awesome!
  6. I was 44 TURNS behind Cool!?!? I should watch him more attentively in our PBEM then...:scared: Congratulations! :b:
  7. As the revival of the GotM seems looming, publishing the results of this one would help motivate the troops.
  8. The results...
  9. Shi'a and Sunni ? I think the Sunnis are more expansionist while the Shi'as would tend to hold their land and be more...cunning (probe bonus?). Maybe a dichotomy attack/defence bonus like we have with the Progenitors.
  10. Yes, this place wouldn't be the same without you. :b:
  11. Results and competition add some motivation to the GotMs. Alas I couldn't finish Warcrimes and have not even touched Market Forces. But now I feel ready for another one.
  12. That would be creepy, Man! (but, yes, do it!)