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  1. I was wondering, in a multiplayer scenario game, do the tech availability is calculated with the existing players in the game, or does it is calculated as if there was 7 players in game, even if some slots are empty? For exemple, If you play a game and player 1 and 2 are absent from the game, but players 3 and 4 are present, and you are player 5. Does the player number in the calculation will be 5, as you are on the 5th slot in game even the 2 first players are not there, of will the slot be 3, as you are the 3rd player in game and the 2 first players are absent, so not counting? (Number of tech+ player Number+number of the tech - if this number is divisible by 3, the tech will bot be available.)
  2. whew nevermind, the tech difference isn't inscribed in the tech points, but they do are substracted from the next turn's total... it would have been such an exploit and a bug! Everyone could have just made a punishment sphere every base, no need for talent garden of brood pits or police or... Arrrrgg
  3. I have noticed nothing changes when you build a punishment sphere on the labs points of the base. Is there a bug that lets you build punishment spheres for free? So we can just build a punishment sphere every base and forget riots? Am I missing something on the tech grid, or am I right?
  4. <a href="<___base_url___>/showthread.php?4141-Ladder-Scores&p=138114#post138114" rel="">http://www.weplayciv.com/forums/showthread.php?4141-Ladder-Scores&p=138114#post138114</a>


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  6. thanks for your answers, I didn't noticed there was an album function on the profile... I have uploaded my picture I've been working on I searched a little for the button you spoke... There is no manage attachments on the visitor message page... that's why I didn't find it, it's only available for the threads in the forum. It's still better uploaded in the album than in the visitor's messages. Thanks a lot
  7. So do you have to put it like on another website, like facebook, or can you use an album on weplayciv?
  8. Hi How can you post or attach an image on weplayciv, for example in my profile visitor messages? I have been working on something and I wonder how I could post it.. Thanks E
  9. Thanks for your answer Vyeh. I do think it is a TCP/IP bug, and may be only in some specific conditions... I have never met this bug in any other PBEM games
  10. Indeed, great idea if you have the technology. usually my games tend to stop between the moment I have air power and advanced military algorithm
  11. Thanks Buster's uncle, here's another one: -Air defense in Free Market: Air units create drones automatically if you are in free market, and the only way to really have no drones with air units is to put yourself in police state + have the Ascetic Virtues (and with spartans if you want to put one single police unit), wich is a huge waste of ressources or pysch and efficiency, provided you can only do this: You just have to make one base, in a corner for exemple, with 1 population and set all unit supported by this base: of course you will have to set citizens specialists or doctors the turn they appear, but when you have air units, bring them to this base and set the support here. The only way to get enough mineral to support them is with supply crawlers: building mines+roads on rocky square are the les costfull and most efficient way to get minerals to support these units. There is also the possibility to put all workers specialists, but you need 5 citizens to do this and this will cost lots of food and buildings may take lots of supply crawler space. I think the easiest way is to have a base with 1 population set to doctor close to a rocky area where you can harvest mines with roads.
  12. Here are some interesting strategies I found by playing SMACX and SMAC, multiplaying. -Specialists and production: When you've got lots of crawlers, lots of population, few formers: harvest nutrients with the formers and make the citizen specialists (librarians unless you have lots of energy multiplicators). It is often a more efficient way to allocate ressources if you don't have enough terraformed area, and specialists make no riots (watch out when a new population grow, if the next citizen will be a drone, there will be a riot unless you make it a doctor, or switch another citizen a specialist)é Harvesting a rainy square's nutrient (with farm if possible and gene splicing) with a crawler is a great way to get more growth fast, and send the workers to mineral and energy squares, while having lots of energy specialists. -Hurry unit at 100%- the minerals you will get this turn will be added to the next turn's production: but watch out - not a mineral more than 10 would be added to the next, and every mineral after 10 surplus will be wasted, and the surplus will only useful to get more energy from stockpile energy. This means that if you get 20 minerals when you have 10/24, don't hurry more than 4 minerals or you will waste money. It is better to hurry to get 10 minerals next turn only if you want to complete a new unit next turn, or you might need to switch production and waste some money in the case of large mineral production (20 and more). I have wasted countless minerals when mind worms attacked me or when I forgot to make police units for my new bases and I needed to sacrifice some mineral surplus hurryied, or sacrifice mind worm defense or new base's earlier production. Hurrying productions at 100% can be very efficient le make one supply crawler by turn without getting any eco damage: just hurry to the +10 mineral next turn, and do the same next turn. You can get anything in one turn this way if you have the money. -Not trading tech or researching useless techs: as a begun, I often made the mistake to try to get as much tech as fast as possible. This is an illusion: because the other tech you will research will tech more. Thus, getting the progenitor psych tech at the beginning if you don't need it in your plan will only slow you down for the research of essential techs: build techs or military if needed. -Building and scrapping tree farm then building the tree farm (or centauri preserve= same effect, cheaper and does not remove nutrient and economy points) is a way to extend the clean mineral limit infinitly. Getting more production points is then only a +. We already spoke about this on the forum, but I think this is a really important thing to know. -When you get into predefined games with LOTS of mineral bonuses or rocky squares it is better to space bases more and have more cralwers harvesting between the bases. Getting fewer bases will reduce the support cost and hurrying cost of new buildings. Putting a base close to a volcanic rocky area is like harvesting the same squares as other bases, as there will be crawlers in the volcanic area with mines and roads. Getting close base has an essentially military advantage, and getting more population is very effective especially at the begginning, when you cannot have much population without riots. Though I have never tested in depth this strategy, everything is interdependant. It is of course very relative, depending on your techs, your space, if you are at war, etc. -Do not build useless military units if you don't need them, for exemple building scout rovers or plasma sentinels in every base at the beginning will not help, as it will take production points that could be invested in more production, unless you need them. Also, plasma sentinels or scout rovers will cost much more to upgrade to clean and police than scout patrols, or trance scout infantry. Building military units will cost support, points that could be spent for formers and building production. -Making a "bridge" by terraforming up areas can greatly help military action or defense, espectially if you have the command nexus or a ground based military. Great way to start a vendetta by suprise. -One of the easiest strategy to apply about smacx is expand as much as you can. The hardest part is try to stay secure while doing it. But there is almost no disadvantage in alpha centauri by large expension, only psych will make less effect because of the efficiency base number penalty. But if you don’t use psych and are protected enough, it is 100$ positive to expand a lot (police, secret projects, buildings). It is much most positive than negative to expand a lot, prodivded you have the space. -You can hurry the first 10 minerals by paying only 4$ per mineral with every unit, not only buildings: you just have to select a building, then hurry and put for example 36 energy credits. you will get 9 minerals hurried; then you can change the mineral to any unit and you will get no penalty, as they are the first 10 minerals. -Better to wait after completing a tech to accept a tech, as the next tech's cost will be treated as if you had one less tech, and you can retool easily if the tech you want isn't available. Great for games where you control 2 or more factions.
  13. I have played a TCP\IP game where the probe teams entering an ally's base(with a pact) automatically infiltrated the base and returned to one of my bases. Is there any way to prevent this? Or there is really no way to defend an ally's base with a probe team? Altought I've tested it on a normal hot seat multiplayer game, and there was no problem... Anybody knows if this problem can happen in scenario games? Thanks!
  14. <p>I learned recenlty there was a guy that got kicked from Ezio's story (Assassin's creed) because he was running everywhere while the duke was killed yelling "My toothpaste! Where is my toothpaste!!"</p>

  15. <p>Yeah! Right on :) lol</p>