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  1. You could always make Police State affect something different entirely, like Research.
  2. Yeah my least favourite popup is the AI hating on me every time I move a unit into their units' line of sight.
  3. I like to use build queues as soon as I build a city. Defender, Former, Colony Pod, some facility of some kind (usually Creche). I find that helps the initial micromanage at least.
  4. Yeah I prefer black bars personally as well!
  5. True true, it could be an increase of 1 metre globally! Think of all the lovely beaches! PANIC!
  6. I like it when I see people making custom civic trees. :) Good work! :b:
  7. Well Cha Dawn is a kid.
  8. Quick, build pressure domes. XD
  9. I can't say that this has happened to me.
  10. Who could forget Steph?
  11. Just so people are aware, I'll keep entries open for this month as well. :) This came out late anyhow, and currently, Imagine is going to win by default.
  12. Whatever you people decide is fine by me. :) As for now, on with the posts of people talking about this presumably epic scenario!
  13. Wow I didn't even know this was being made. XD (being in the staff board on AC2 made me think I'd know about anything happening). Still, good work on making another one. I'll give it a read and a go sometime.
  14. Yes, happy birthday Eclipse! Whoever you are!
  15. Looks good yeah.