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  1. I triggered dragons at level 33, after training and equipping her well. On the way up to High Hrothgar I managed to defeat 2 snowbears and after that 2 snowtrolls simultaneously without any problem (and without sneaking). Think she's pretty OP even at legendary. Later I visited Autumnwatch tower (Mark for Death) and Shearpoint (just for a dragon soul). I killed the frost dragon there with about ten arrows and after that I had a standing duel with the dragon priest Krosis. He shot fireballs from his staff nonstop as always, I was shooting with my bow. But my fire resistance is almost 98% while his ward doesn't help against arrows at all. So the mask is mine, although it's already pretty useless for me. Her crafting skills are high, although far from the maximum. Smithing is only in the sixties, alchemy and enchanting 80-ish. Using dwarven bows for now and scaled armor. Still far from the armor cap (350-ish with the Lord Stone), but to hit me they need to get to me first, and my main bow has a fear enchantment. The only serious danger are archers, which are primary targets for that reason. She still has weaknesses, e.g. against poisons. Chauruses will kill her if they get close. Next operation is getting glass armor and smithing high enough to make and improve it to the armor cap. Then I need some resist poison equipment and after that she will be pretty much invincible, if she moves not too carelessly. Next project is a similar character, but with a no-faction-rule. No Thieves Guild, no joining Dark Brotherhood (but I can destroy it!), no Companions. And no College of Winterhold. So, no easily early gained gear. No stealing (widely defined: stealing is taking what's marked as "steal", not harvesting Elves Ear in the house of people I helped). Still thinking about Survival Mode and not using the Bound Bow (could be problematic if magicka drops due to tiredness). Should be quite a challenge at legendary. I'll be playing with some QoL-mods like Convenient Horses and Field Alchemy, both fit into the roleplay as well.
  2. Sitting home due to the Corona curfew and enjoying another wave of Skyrim play, this time with Skyrim SE. Started out a character on Legendary, that's a whole new experience. So far I raised difficulty only later, after level 20 or so, when the game got too easy. This time I turned it to max right from the start. Dishing out only 25% normal damage, but receiving 300% on yourself is hard to take for a low level character. More than one bandit on you? Run or you'll be killed. A pack of wolves? Not a chance! Not to think of bears or sabercats who will pretty much one-shot you. I'm building an archer character, who can both sneak and fight in the open. Keeping your enemies at a distance is very important for obvious reasons. Got the bound bow for now and the ability to cast it (173 magicka with 25 conjuration at the start, otherwise >180). She's a Breton, which boosts conjuration as a boon, but her sneaking and archery start at a pitiful 15. Main skills are archery (obviously), sneaking and alchemy for potions (fortify marksman for instance or resistances) and poisons (paralysis, frenzy, lingering damage health and later weakness to xxx when I can make a good enchanted bow). Markable quests I started so far: - The Book of Love, more or less thinking of dragons here, which I didn't trigger yet - Blood on the Ice for the Necro amulet, could have skipped this since I never used it as right when I got it, my level was 9 and I could summon the bow without it - Dark Brotherhood, only for the armor, don't intend to continue it - Cidhna Mine, siding with Malacath but betraying him at the end to get both rewards; the Old Gods bracers are pretty good for an archer while the DB one is useless (I don't even have a 1H weapon). - Cleared some basic dungeons, like Embershard Mine and White River Watch. Working on Halted Stream Camp now. I named her Maria Barring after the archer girl from the Witcher books, a.k.a. Milva (Witcher 3 Gwent has her card too).
  3. Here's my take on science 1 and 2, one per second this time. Partly looks very much like yours, admittedly, but there are things you just can't do another way. I avoided a two-metals input band this time, mainly because most of the machines need "either-or" but not "and". And I altogether avoided blue inserters, mainly because they eat a crapload of power. One blue needs almost twice of what two yellow take, and the two yellow haul just as much as one blue does. So unless I have space issues, I will prefer two normal over one fast inserter. I understand that this is not an issue for someone producing gigawatts, but I am not quite as far yet. By the way this is a game with biters on, so I think the buggers will pay me a visit sooner or later.
  4. Yea I understand, making your own design is part of the fun. My biggest problem at the moment is, that I don't know, how many production of each beaker type I need. That's why I try to adopt the tile principle and can, if need be, just add another tile. At the moment I have 10 red and 12 green science machines, so basically twice of what is on your picture, and early science is flying by so fast I can't even plan expansion in peace. I left space for another belt at my labs, which can hold two more types of science packages. I think I am building too dense. Perhaps you're right.
  5. Here's my start setup, very small still, but it works. I'm playing with biters off while I'm still learning, and I upped resource yield a bit, because I probably will burn a lot of resources just trying things out. I watched a video yesterday about blue-printable production modules. I like the idea and built my first red-science factories like this. It's my own design, enough for the start, and when I need more packages later, I can just copy exactly the same module(s) above and it will work. I will make green and blue science in a similar way. After that, we'll see. The furnaces are also modules of two, extendable to the right. I took a hint and left spaces to replace them later with better (but bigger) furnaces.
  6. Thanks for bumping it. Serves me right for not reading all threads.
  7. Thank you, I'm reading
  8. Thanks for the hint, I completely missed this one. Got Steam access yesterday and already had an evening of fun. BTW: Rise and Fall, is it worth it? I haven't played Civ6 (or any other TBS) for quite a while.
  9. Also don't forget eggs to be harvested and all kinds of butterflies/moths/glowworms. Sometimes you find pearls. There are mods to produce powdered mammoth tusks and charred skeever hides, IIRC by cooking. There's definitely enough ingredients even without plants. You may or may not take funghi; IIRC I did because they're not plants and not green either (it's called Green Pact after all). A field alchemy set is a good thing to have for a nature lover (several mods for this). A green pact bosmer should be a cannibal too.
  10. I sure did. It's limiting, yes, but there are means through it anyway. There's lots of teeth, skins, feathers, horns etc. to be had through hunting, and fish and insects to be harvested. You can already do some (very limited) alchemy with that, but if you play it not completely hardcore and add funghi to the mix (after all they're not plants), you're golden.
  11. I've played a Frostfall game in Wolf armor too. It's basically steel with better looks and a bit lighter. Not the best protection in its basic version, but that's what smithing is for. I've played a Frostfall huntress in fur armor too. You just need to find a fur hat, there aren't many in the game.
  12. I mostly use "Skyjubs Invisible Helmets".
  13. Playing Witcher 1 after having read the books feels weird, because you roleplay a person with amnesia, who doesn't recognize even his closest friends, which accompany you throughout four or five tomes. I agree by the way, that it is linear. Having the choice to either support Nilfgaard controlled terrorists (Squirrels) or religious fanatics (Flaming Rose knights) doesn't help one bit, since the influence on the game flow is marginal. From a moral point of view, both choices are bad. The Geralt from the books wouldn't have bothered to ally with either of them. Same thing pretty much in Witcher 2, although here the choice to either follow the Squirrels or the Blue Stripes really lead you through different places and have quite an influence on possible endings. As was mentioned, Witcher 3 has 3 "big" endings and a big load of "little" endings, i.e. choices you have to meet throughout the game. Most of them confront you with their consequences later. Nothing of it is game breaking, but nice to have anyway. The two expansions continue this nicely, especially the second.
  14. I have read the five books. The fifth (Lady of the Lake) ends where The Witcher 1 begins, so unless you played the first two parts, you'd still miss a part of the story. Many of the people you meet in part 3 and its expansions you have met in one of the first two, or even in both.
  15. From the German themes I recognize four: Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär - A love song. "If I was a bird and had a pair of wings, I would fly to you" Ein Jäger aus Kurpfalz - A huntsman from Kurpfalz (Electoral Palatinate). A song about a hunter's good life, with an intentional sexual ambiguity, if you understand the hunted game as women. Ein schwerer Traum - A nightmare. A sad love song, pretty creepy even, sung by a girl who fears, that her (absent) beloved died. Spinn, spinn meine liebe Tochter - A song about a daughter refusing to spinn yarn, even though her mother promises her to buy shoes, stockings and a dress. Only after mother promised her a husband, she gladly begins to work. There may be a fifth, which partly resembles another song about the hunt, but it's not entirely the same. I love the music in Civ6 and much so. They put a lot of thought and work into it.