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  1. Okay, I'm terrible, I know. Sorry for disappearing. I've had a number of "fun" things going on lately, including a (ongoing ) fight between our landlady and me & my housemates, kicking off a scramble to find a new house and a subsequent move. Truth is, though, I could and should have fit a turn here and there in. Just hard to be as interested in things like diplo fighting when it bears an uncanny resemblance to part of your RL. I'm game to be replaced or to resume play as you all see fit. Given my terrible performance lately, replacement is probably wiser in the case of Charisma and Newb Bashing. In the cases of TI and ACTA, I'm not sure if we have replacements available in the community, given the scope of those games.
  2. If someone hasn't already requested this, please increase Charisma to a 48 hour clock. Thanks. :)
  3. Yep, Northern Alliance is completely eliminated. (I take it neither our thread nor theirs makes that clear? Ouch, I guess we need to post more. )
  4. Fed eliminated. I've offered peace to Viking.
  5. Our salutes to the embattled Mali, who fought to the very last skirmisher.
  6. Best wishes to you both.
  7. Well, bad weather is good for snuggling. All three horses up in the northwest died on Fed's speartips. Initial units didn't deal any damage, so the overall odds turned bad from there. Fed's in the game for at least another two turns, when about six 1-movers will be in position to attack. I sent you some of the gold I have. I think you have a better library/academy/etc. infrastructure than I do, so it should be more efficient for me to fund you to turn your research slider up, than for us both to be at sub-100% levels. :)
  8. Timbuktu captured, losing only one catapult. I can bring two more horse archers, total three, to bear on Fed's last city next turn. He currently has only one Skirmisher left. So If Fed does not have another Skirmisher completing this turn in his city, I should be able to eliminate him next turn. But if he does get another skirmisher when the turn rolls, I'll have to wait for the 1-movers to get there.
  9. Will do. Enjoy your trip. :)
  10. Back from E_T:
  11. I just realized I double-moved. Sorry Fed. I was looking at the turn order and saw you logged in. Didn't stop to think that you hadn't ended turn. Do you want a reload? Or if not, how would you like to handle turn order going forward?
  12. I hope to take Timbuktu next turn. It only has 4 defenders, all Skirmishers, but they're well entrenched and a lot of my units are wounded. In the northwest, a horse archer scout has found Fed's other city, currently defended by only one Skirmisher. Unfortunately, they too are ready to defend their city to the death, and the horse archer will have to wait for backup. In other news: as you may have noticed, I am at 100% gold and getting about 15 net gold a turn. Why such terrible performance??? Oh.
  13. From E_T a few days ago. My reply:
  14. Switched to Banking. Not that I have any research to contribute at the moment - between cities, units, and unit supply, I'm barely in the green at 0% research. I need to wrap up my continental conquest and get some of my new cities specializing in specialists and/or cottages. Good news: I have a Great Engineer now. That's 1 GE and 1 GP I have banked.