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  2. Weaker than us, but if he DOWs then we have two SOD attacking two cities. EDIT: 3 archers, 4 axemen. and a spear... not impressive but if he DOW right now then I will need to send the Axemen back.
  3. dick (cheny)
  4. Defending Artillary: Mounted units, instead of doing Flanking Damage to Artillary, can capture artillary if it successfully defeated a unit in that stack. Say I have 10 Swords and 5 Cat stack, and got attacked by 5 HAs. 1/2 of them, or rounded down 2, wins. So each two has a 50% chance to 'Breakthough' and capture one catapult.
  5. Should I go with Wang's Hinduism for should I just ignore him? He is setting up a large stack near our borders.
  6. Camel Archers are AWESOME! If you got stuck with no resources, a couple of Flanking II Camel Archers will cause 'Collaterol' Damage as they have a 55% chance to retreat as well. Flanking II CA V.S. Combat II Knights? Both will win by attacking, but Flanking II CA has less casualties (and less War Weariness~) Protective means that instead of 2 Archers, 2 Axemen and 1 spearmen for early, post REX defence, 3 archers and 1 spearmen would do, saving 45 hammers per city!
  7. <p>Would be cool if you put a link to it in your sig over at CFC. We could use more people, just like almost every NES ever.</p>

  8. I think that when attacked, you have a totally random chance of a defender... BUT a higher percent chance for those who have a better chance to survive. Then sending those shock HAs against those 2.0 spearmen can accidently kill those 0.3 archers instead. That means that Catapults without defenders can be captured and rounded out: Each catapult needs at least 1 defender that can't attack but defends when teh catapult is drawn. HA's and Knights have a better chance to draw on a Cata to capture.
  9. Time to use that army before it's upkeep wastes me...
  10. boys
  11. Make 'Armies'. Just for better control. For example, you have 4- 10 XP units in an army.You fight a battle against another army and loses 2 units. You have 20/2 or still 10 each (without counting battle xp) + 2 green reinforcements with 5 xp each. That is 30xp total/4 units. Or an average of 7.5 Xp for this reinforced army. EDIT: Calling it a Division. A single unit should be counted at Battalion Sized: The smallest unit that can support itself with engineers, suppliers, and a comand center. (tent)
  12. Current 1060 AD Gagarin an dAlex start Chopping supplies for Novogorod Doris and Putin Road to hunt the Phants southwest of Rostov Grandpa Troll Vines the Wines East of Rostov 1 Axe, 1 Archer, 1 Swordsmen sent to Novogorod from Hellengrad to arrive turn before attack of main stack. Catapult sent to do collateral damage. Ivan Chops the Helengrad Axe. Rostov Whips Forge (2 Pop, 21 Overflow) 1070 St.Petersbourge Courthouse -> Horse Archers Novogorod Aquduct -> Walls (one turn with chop, they have no catas) Rostov Forge -> Gran (Then Phants) Vikinarov Hunts Phants Alex Chops Novogorod Wall (Overflow to Axes) 1080 Wang Pushes for Hinduism: if I convert I get many people hate me. If not we might get a two front war? I was going to reject until I thought about his military buildup. (Power goes up)