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  1. Sounds good to me, I would like to join.
  2. I would like to join the game.
  3. I am in :b:
  4. The only problem you will have is that CIV will you go too fast :) nice machine you've got congratulations. P.S. Kill the mouse:gun_cowboy:
  5. to me it really stupid seeing that another game is going to hell. If someone does not see any play to make the nation of AI and others continue.
  6. Good luck in the next game Beta. First fall, which you will be next.
  7. Hi, i suggest you to exchange technology with the team of 2 m in the following way. We'll give them what we have, but to us they will give us all that we do not possess.
  8. Thanks for your help, I'm a little relieved that it was not compromised my password.
  9. Hi Donald, do you have something to discuss in particular. if you have problems playing the Romans sometimes I will get involved.
  10. Beta Can you tell me whether it is possible for someone to enter with my account on my game because I do not remember I played this (circled in red).
  11. I realized that the Ottoman nation is free if you do not mind I can play it.
  12. I've never played with Peter as the leader, so I can try it.
  13. Hello I saw that nice game starts. if there is a vacancy, I will gladly join.
  14. Now I tried to come into play but I did, someone knows something: (