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  1. Ah, yeah, was a great game indeed lol. Not many games of this magnitude since then unfortunately. But the Spanish games are totally fine. Everyone who wants to shake the dust from his MP can do so with comfort there. Ah, I forgot to say that the games are played anonymously until very late stage. So players decisions areto not based on reputation and perceived strength of the players.
  2. Hi guys and gals, it's been a while since the last time we crossed swords and beyond. We had great time with great and epic games and it was sad pitboss games died out around hereand I missa lot of you. I do not know if it is allowed to advertise games on another site, but I will. Couple of years ago I moved out to play at different civ4 comunities and one of them is the Spanish speaking APT tournament located at Apolyton. Of course the obvious drawback is the need to use Spanish, but this is not that great inconvenience. Google translate does decent job and also many of them, including the administrator speak English too. The other thing is you will have to learn the few rules there are in the tournament and to agree to follow them. Which are not that hard - like no razing of cities bigger than size 8, no double moving when declaring war, no speaking with other players before you get Alphabet and so on. So far for the cons. And now for the good part: There are at least 5 pitboss games starting each year. 4 normal pitbosses and one in modern era with advanced start, so your thurst for Civ4 is always satisfied. 20+ active players in the community. There is a mod which makes virtually impossible to double- move. It allows connections to the game only to players who can play and the other parties in turn split will have to wait to play their part. Each party is given separate 24 hours window to play. There is score and points given for each game and then each player is put in rankings, so for the competitive ones there are medals and cups and Hall of Fame. There is written history of all the games and players back to the beginning of the tournament 10 years ago so you can compare yourself to the heroes of the past and make new feasts and glory. There is a money pool which is divided between the players who end up in the top 3 place of the tournament for each year. Games are played with diplomacy ON and tech trading ON, but brokering OFF. Each player who is alive gets points which contribute to the year ranking, so there is stimulus to play as leader of a real nation and not only to play to win the game at all costs. Anythign else you can be interested in before joining, you can ask me here and I will answer to the best of my knowledge. Or if all this sounds already good to you and you want to join this alive Civ4 pitboss community, you can do so at: https://apolyton.net/forum/civilization-series/civilization-en-espa-ntilde-ol
  3. Hey guys and gals. We are loking for a permanent replacement in the CFC based CFC2014 pitboss. You will be playing Suryavarman (CRE/EXP) of Sumeria in the eve of a war in which you are the attacker. The game is still in the BCs and the turn pace is about 1 turn / 24h. Our player dropped because of a rules dispute. The game is with 14 players on custom continents large map still in the BCs. Anyone interested, please post in this thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=13523462#post13523462 See you there.
  4. Good for E_T - finally his life road is going up :b:
  5. Hi there. What is your home site? And despite I dont qualify (I am not in any of the Americas), can you tell me what is this firewall way of preventing double-moving? Something in the mod?
  6. I forgot to give the link to the organization thread. Come on, guys and gals! http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=13228445#post13228445
  7. Hey guys and gals! I am organizing a new game at CFC in the hope to get few new faces. We already have like 5-6 players. Sign in those of you who are interested.
  8. What about starting a new game? What setup guys and gals around would be interested in?
  9. Why so pessimistic? I see some regulars go and some new blood comes, so nothing to dramatize I think.
  10. Yes, the game ended in concede to Team Blackadders - Sommerswerd and 2metraninja just 10-15 turns before we could utterly destroy all left resiatance. The map was very very interesting and innovative I can say. The long distances and separated teammates were additional challenge and logistic alternatives. Some were more separated than others but this is understandable - given the RL Indonesia limilarity there could not be always 100 fair distribution of teams. I was sad to see so much from the original players had left the game and teams parted, but that is life. Thanks Donald for the outstanding hosting and Ozzy for the great map. Good game all!
  11. Yes, it was good of a game. Kudos again to 1889 for coming as replacement and playing it to the end. It was interesting and educational game - my first and only team game. Good game all guys!
  12. Played my part and half of your turn, but did not finished it. I messed things a bit. I did promised to conquer Rhoth's capitol and rename it Castamere, but forgot which exactly is his capitol and actually razed it. Sorry about that. Otherwise, all is going on schedule. 3 more Ethiopian cities captured this turn and our armies are positioned so next turn we take another major Ethiopian city. The Mayan front is well secured too. The Native islands will start to fall quick from now on, as I have amassed like 30-40 units there which are seaborne and supported by air. Pretty much we can accept 1889's capitulation I think.
  13. Going to parent's house for some traditions and then will be back in some 1 hour. I am logged in the game right now.
  14. I am online now. I think few more turns will make it clear we won undisputed.
  15. Just coming to the pc. Will be around in the next few hours if you are able.