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  1. New Spam reported, only new post, so....
  2. possible Spambot in New Members thread, flagged for confirmation...
  3. I've had it get stuck "committing turn" and had to quit and reload. But happens rarely, so...
  4. I am unsure if the original Link above for the discord is still good, but here is a more lasting one (hopefully) https://discord.gg/zP9yxuc
  5. Sorry, I was testing something for the discord, dealing with emoji's, both static and animated
  6. testng, please ignore the sign...
  7. Spambot posting in Paradox games - War Never Changes AAR thread... reported and posting about it here...
  8. I am good, so is Dale
  9. Dale's Wife also might have it
  10. I might have it!! This mourning, Lots of coughing and getting sick from possibly my nasal Problems. But it a bit was extreme, but the stuff was clear, Started feeling chilled, turned up heat, put on Flannel shirt and started to wear my mask insisde. After other things that indicated something in the lungs as ell as other things that told me that I had a had a fever. But I had just dank some really cold water, so the results would be skewed. I talked to my Ryan White Case Manager (whom I was supposed to make my phone in appointment today as it was) and she directed me to go get tested. So, I arrived at Orl VA Med Center @ Lk Nona and my fever at the Gate was 105.+F and they directed me to the ER. Temp was 103.+F and they scraped my brain good!! I'm currently waiting to see what they do next... I'll try to keep Ya'll updated!!
  11. Starting this thread for those Non-Discorders///
  12. Well, keep safe and keep us updated. Also, you can join us over on the WPC Discord https://discord.gg/26jSsmw
  13. You (and anyone else) can join us over at our WPC Discord server at https://discord.gg/8KjuJzS
  14. Tell us a bit about it and what you like about it. Also, you can join us over at out WPC Discord server at https://discord.gg/8KjuJzS
  15. turned out it was a problem with the 2K servers, due to them putting the Vanilla Civ6 out for free and the tons of downloads. EVERY PBC game was effected the same... It's good now, as you know....