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  1. It gets him the most mileage out of the role-play potential...
  2. No, it's the international Proctological symbol of defiance towards cancer... They have their finger on the issue, so to speak...
  3. Now that you can get into the greater Galaxy, time to get those science ships out and explore!!
  4. I like going a sort of mixed route, depending on things in the game. Not exactly going wide and not exactly going tall, but someplace in the mid ground between them...
  5. depends, if your early "bad choices" allows you to possibly win later, then...
  6. The RNG just isn't a Raiders fan...
  7. I think that exactly how my Proctologist said it....
  8. got to have barbs, just would like to be able to turn on RAGING BARBS... but then, the AI was never able to handle the Barbs as it was.... You know, it seems like the makers of newer games should go back and look at all the stuff that the older game AI's did, so that they could repeat some of the fixes to those AI's that were made in those games, back then... Sometimes, seems like they are starting from scratch when it comes to building a proper AI to play a complex 4X game.