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  1. War Weary Elves... and you didn't get the access to the inner Arm, either... BUT, if you hurry and spend twice the Influance as well as have Assets away from home for a long time (after the After War Peacetime Open Borders time limit expires and they close borders to you), you can still expand towards the Core...
  2. Dave Drake often used similar (from this time period) historical events for his Cinnibar/Capt Leary Science Fiction Series. In the afterwards, he always references and comments about the particular Historical Event that inspired the story. He might even have a few links on his website that might point you in interesting directions...
  3. Oops, looks like your going to have to split them up between the two of you...
  4. Didn't think of that benefit, but then, I my current game, I didn't even establish communications with them until I had at least two fleets of ~15K each (100 command limit) as well as some minor backups as well as stiff defenses on any possible avenue of advancement, so... And the only reason that I did contact them was to send them out against a Rival...
  5. I like to go for a few decades at the midpoint (balanced) food storage and later turn it up to full. Unless I'm missing out on something that would have it better to go whole hog so early (like some game mechanic that I'm unaware of)??
  6. Yeah, when you have to deal with all of that influence for (peaceful) expansion, it helps...
  7. Ah, reminds me of the Civ Nuke Bug for India, a feature now but overflow bug then...
  8. Don't tell me that they are going to totally F... this game up? Seems like many of the things that they have been recently talking about (planet tiles, etc) are so as to make it easier for the AI to try to keep up (as we all know how screwed up the AI can get... i.e. how DUMB it can be... ).
  9. At least he didn't go insane... or was he...
  10. [music jingle playing] Trojan Elf! [/music]