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  1. Last time that happened to me, they had run into something that they should have avoided... Also had one next to me that was supposed to raid someone about 1/3 around the spiral and they never even left their space. I wanted them to leave for their raid so I could get some target practice in while they were transversing my space... Good thing too, as the fleets that I had heading that way got sidetracked (and was almost right where I really needed them to be at) when the Spiritual Zenophobe FE next to me got uppity and was going to invade me. He got a spanking, but I was really lucky that I had those two fleets where they were at the time, too...
  2. Have you started a new game with 2.2? Look forward to also seeing that in future
  3. bit funny, this feeling inside...
  4. Got a bug where I loaded up an autosave and lost my Trade Value from my Energy Output and it puts my Energy Balance in the Red (big time). Loaded a previous save (less than month before) and balance is good. Had run up to where new autosave is created and a few days after (to verify that something hadn't happened to kill my Trade Value), saved afterwards to be sure and then reloaded the new autosave and got the same thing.
  5. it's actually two things The 2.2.1 Hotfix (checksum bbf4) and the start of the Opt-in Beta Testing that currently only has one thing I don't play MP so I'll wait for the other stuff next week to be updated before I'll opt-in for the Beta test. But for now, this gets people going enough to generate the others bugs that they will need to swash...
  6. Here is the save I have been trying to generate If anyone wants, they can play along... lokkentradeunion2_81524814.zip
  7. and it's working!!!
  8. Looks like there is a Console Command that can fix the problem https://stellaris.paradoxwikis.com/Console_commands People with issue have gotten back 1 (same with me). I don't know if it is same for people whom the game DOES work, but apparently this was same across the board for everyone with this problem Solution
  9. should do for now...
  10. I'm having the won't make a new game bug that several people are getting. They did find a sort of fix for it, by loading a pre-created game. And they have several saves to choose from. The Problem is, I don't want to play those saves, I want to make a new Corp and go in a slightly customized map, so... Could I get someone, with all of the DLC's, first modify the Lokken Machinist to Lokken Trade Union with a Chief Director as the leader (both male/female) Make them a Corp, Civics with Trading Post & Free Traders "Lokken Trade Union" ={ key="Lokken Trade Union" ship_prefix="LOK" species={ class="REP" portrait="rep4" name="Lok" plural="Lokks" adjective="Lokken" name_list="REP2" trait="trait_natural_engineers" trait="trait_talented" trait="trait_quick_learners" trait="trait_sedentary" } name="Lokken Trade Union" adjective="Lokken" authority="auth_corporate" government="gov_trade_league" advisor_voice_type="l_evil_corp" planet_name="Lokkur" planet_class="pc_arid" system_name="Dal-Lokkur" initializer="" graphical_culture="reptilian_01" city_graphical_culture="reptilian_01" empire_flag={ icon={ category="corporate" file="corporate_02.dds" } background={ category="backgrounds" file="horizontal.dds" } colors={ "light_orange" "dark_purple" "null" "null" } } ruler={ gender=female name="Xoblagiss" portrait="rep4" texture=3 hair=0 clothes=0 ruler_title="Chief Director" ruler_title_female="Chief Director" leader_class="ruler" } spawn_as_fallen=no ignore_portrait_duplication=no room="personality_metalheads_room" spawn_enabled=yes ethic="ethic_egalitarian" ethic="ethic_fanatic_materialist" civics={ "civic_free_traders" "civic_trading_posts" } }