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  1. wrongway feldman
  2. Or just continue to do what they have increasingly done over the last few decades and just keep their heads in the sand and hope that it will get better for the party, which, on hindsight, has gotten worse over time... I grew up Republican, in a Republican family. I served time in the military. I quit the party decades ago, because I did not like THEN the directions that the party was heading towards and the evolving MINDSET of the dye in the wool Republican leadership and way that the general party "masses" were increasingly blindly following that leadership... The my party, no matter what mindset. I had seen then turning into Sheep while the wolves were leading them to where they wanted to go. They lost a sense of doing the right thing, even IF it was NOT what the party wanted (which was sometimes, not really the right thing). After I had quit the party, I did join the Dems, but soon left to become independent, because in a lot of respects, they were even more brain dead than sheep... I later joined the Libertarians, as they are closer to what I think and feel in a lot of things. Granted, I am mixed about their stand on Drugs and feel that they need to really step back from that and tone it down. And in a lot of respects, they have their minds open and their eyes open and are willing to take stands when something DOES need to be done about something. They, at least, aren't willing to be sheep... I am not asking you to quit your party, but to really take off the blindfolds and take the bold steps that will bring the GOP back to be something to be proud of... Quit being sheepish about it...
  3. If you do, you do... Although, the same argument could be said to me... But my excuse is that I am STILL learning the game (my second game is going fair, I think... hopefully... )... So really, what's your excuse??
  4. Aren't you yet ashamed of the direction of your party... How much longer will Honest Republicans allow this crap to contine before they DO SOMETHING??
  5. Yeah, either that or Fraxis finally has some decent MP play for the new CIV that is supposed to be out soon.... Or maybe, he's working for both....
  6. There's a time for build'n and a time for kick'n some A$$!!!
  7. nothing on other side TO pull down... And yeah, I've seen enough of the trade screenshots from ya'll to know what it looks like (or have played Civ enough... ). And if I just offer, hoping for a return counter offer (like in PBEM/Pitboss games), they come back, thanking me for the gift...