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  1. Wonder how this is going, with COVID-19
  2. Allows the removal of a sitting president, if they are unable, due to illness (or mental competency), to fulfill their Constitutional Role. President Wilson had a major Stroke and was incapacitated until his death, for months. His wife and a few others ran the Government, illegally. The 25 was added to allow for the removal due to this and others similar things. Google it...
  3. at this time, it's been two years since my treatment and I'm (currently) Cancer free...
  4. From the Ashes...
  5. Could someone with pOwErZ sticky this thread?
  6. Recently, I have had a small amount of bleeding issue in this area. Even though all things have shown good so far, my Colon/Rectal Doctor (a former Colonel in the Army Medical Corp) after my most recent check up with him, wanted me to come in for an Inpatient check. This was sort of half way between a full GI thing (which requires sedation, transportation and escort) and a regular check up, with Digital and Speculum. This did not require any sedation, but did have to have a quick cleanout before hand... Part of this check was with a video probe to better look at things on the inside (to better see into those not so deep and dark places... ). The doctor's main comment was that the damage to the tissues, from the Kemo-Radiation treatment, was not as bad as he had though it would have been. The slight bleeding that sometimes will possibly be present, is not going to be an issue, moving on, but sometimes is expected. But he was very pleased with everything and so we are back to regular followups for the foreseeable future. Butt (hehe), I wanted to let everyone know the news as it stands on this...
  7. We got the Impeachment and subsequent Acquittal to go through first off, so...
  8. still good to see you, as a few of us have as of yet gone to the WPC Discord chat https://discord.gg/csXmUy if the link is expired, post and someone will post a newer one...