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  2. Considering some of the disheveled pictures I've seen of Boris, I'm somehow not surprised he was lost in a train station.
  3. Here's the order... Con BigD Rhoth Spaced UnO Con Jr. GK Plunkett
  4. Aww man, I need to come around more. I didn't know there was a metal thread
  5. D'oh. Forgot that was GK
  6. Spaced, Spacy Cadette on dischord said they're in.
  7. Who's In: - BigD -Rhoth -Con -Plunkett -GK -UnO -Con Jr. -Spaced
  8. Oh crap... I forgot anti-air units. This might be bad.
  9. I picked up Armored Brigade for my birthday. For my first game ever I'm playing the smallest battle I can. On a roughly 2x by 2x map my small Finnish force is going to try and stop a Soviet advance on a secondary road as they approach the town of Routila.