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  1. Aww man, I need to come around more. I didn't know there was a metal thread
  2. Pot of gold
  3. Somewhere
  4. D'oh. Forgot that was GK
  5. Spaced, Spacy Cadette on dischord said they're in.
  6. Who's In: - BigD -Rhoth -Con -Plunkett -GK -UnO -Con Jr. -Spaced
  7. Oh crap... I forgot anti-air units. This might be bad.
  8. I picked up Armored Brigade for my birthday. For my first game ever I'm playing the smallest battle I can. On a roughly 2x by 2x map my small Finnish force is going to try and stop a Soviet advance on a secondary road as they approach the town of Routila.
  9. Fired this up in the first time in forever. WTF has this game become? There's like 40 new currencies and just... it's overwhelming. Gonna actually need some serious time to sit down and re-learn the game.
  10. I'm like you, I go heavy on the armor. The thing I tend to cut to save weight is jump jets. And yes you have a laser or two less but you can alpha strike more because you aren't heating up as fast.
  11. That's awesome Rhoth. I too have been bouncing back and forth between story and career. I actually never finished the story so I just restarted that... again. I'm just starting up again and have only done the first mission but was able to already get a full Quickdraw going. Kinda broke the bank but I should recover. Sadly I had half of it blown apart and it's down for 40 days of maintenance. I really need the Argo soon. I saw this and thought you might get a kick out of it - https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/cardboard-armor-career.1151579/ Also if you're interested I created a BATTLETECH channel in the WPC Dischord.
  12. So I haven't played a BFC.com game in a while now. Last I bought was Black Sea. Anyone still interested in the Combat Mission series and wanting to maybe start a PBEM with me? I know they released a follow up to Shock Force. I haven't bought it but I'd totally be willing to if someone else was interested. Same can be said with Final Blitzkrieg. If you wanna go WW2 I'm all in as well and will pick it up. And if I have multiple people interested I'm game for both.
  13. Wow. Let's bump this one from forever ago. Anyone actually play it? We got it for Step-Dork for Christmas but I haven't touched it. Too busy with life and other games. Anyone think I should put this on top of my list of to play?
  14. Holy crap... av... welcome!!!!! I'm so happy to see someone new join us! (Can't speak to FO3 since I never played. Just happy to see someone new)