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  1. It's up on GOG for $5.99 :b:! But it's only SMAC, not SMAX :q:. It's too bad, since I got vanilla already, and I would have probably bought it if it had the expansion. Still you haven't played it at all, you ought to still buy it. It's a classic.
  2. I've always been underwhelmed by SMAC's music. It's alright (mostly not annoying), but nothing to write home about, except for Morganites and the Spartans.
  3. So what is you favorite part of the game: early, mid or late? For me, it's the early game. I like exploring, building up bases and early terraforming. I don't like destorying old improvements to make way for new improvements, even if they are better. That tends to trip me up.
  4. So that will be nine day before my birthday ... too bad I don't have a rig that can play it ...

    <p>Not sure if you got the PM I sent out about an hour ago, but Code of Honor: Scientist is a 5 pt. Disadvantage and Admin./Military Rank are 5 pts. / level of rank.</p>

    <p>Also, please consider joining my DragonLance play-by-post in Other Games section.</p>


  6. I'm new to this whole thing, so I'm willing to just go with the flow of thing and learn. University sounds fine to me.
  7. This sounds interesting, I might want to try it. But I am wondering: do I need to get anything to play along? I've downloaded the basic GURPS book, and I am wonder if I would have more stuff (like the actual book and whatnot).
  8. So what blogs and podcasts do you read and listen to regularly? Do you have any recommendations? I think a majority of my Internet time nowadays is devoted towards reading blogs; using Google Reader, I subscribe to around a hundred blogs or so. I think people on this forum might be most interested in the Flash of Steel blog by Troy Goodfellow, a strategy game writer. He hosts the weekly Three Moves Ahead podcast, which is always enlightening and entertaining. Highly recommended. So what about you?