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  1. yay I got a gold result. I will submit it later when I have an AAR written.
  2. eta?
  3. Lets get ready to droneeeeeeee.
  4. :) I have read and own both of those books. I also read all the other Mars books and have read the Dune series many MANY times. The game has always been an experience for me, thats why I came back to it instead of a newer flashier civ. I played this game when it was brand new and I have my discs somewhere. I just hadnt played in a very long time and back then i played only on the easiest levels. I have the manual somewhere and I think i recall that story near the end of it.
  5. I am excited to have found a side game to my main stay gaming of starcraft. To those that only play 1 game, it is hard to recall the joys of not "top" level skill. I look forward to having noob moments with this game as they are just far between in sc2 these days.
  6. Greetings. Thought I might introduce myself. I am a long time player of civ games but never at a real level of ability. I haven't been playing them for a few years and had switched to Real Time Strat games like starcraft 1 and 2. Since then, I purchased the GOG edition of AC just to support one of the best games of all time and have played a bit of single player. Its amazing how getting decent at something like RTS can carry over to 4x! Just beat my first transcedant level game (never had played above the easiest level before that one!).
  7. I am excited and hyped. I love this game alot.
  8. Wait this will be no expansion yet it features mr head drone himself? You have my interest! Can't wait for the details.
  9. Do you happen to know off the top of your head what version the GOG download is? I have my disc's somewhere but when I saw this relisted for sale I had to support possibly one of the best games ever made.
  10. I stumbled onto this forum just recenelt after having a yearning to play SMAC again. This type of game is just what I am looking for to get my feet wet again! What setup will this be played on Expansion/patch wise and sorry if thats posted somewhere already! Nice to meet you guys.
  11. <p>if you need any help, don't be afraid to ask. i'm here to help :)</p>

  12. <p>Welcome to the playground!</p>