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  1. Have you tried his website? http://wes.ctp2.info/
  2. FYI, you might have more luck reaching folks at the WPC discord. All the activeness has moved over there.
  3. Join WPC discord where the action is.
  4. Yeah we call that a defacto. Though I can see the day 1 thing being abused...... move in with someone for a day, split up and claim half their stuff/super. That's why it's 6 months living together in Australia before you can do that.
  5. Hey, back from Vietnam and looking to join some pbc games. But suppose I need to wait now.
  6. I think you mean defacto relationship? When you've been living together in a committed relationship for some time (in Australia at least 6 months) and are afforded the legal rights of a married couple, without the actual married status.
  7. Note I'm in Vietnam for two weeks from the 4th. But happy to be in. Just means you'll have to wait till I'm back.
  8. Dayum.
  9. Yeah I like a good game not a tough one. I'll play on Emporer where they only get a few free techs and units. Though these recent "learning" games of the new civs were on King. I'll ramp up to Emp from now. I don't agree with how the AI gets so much free stuff at high difficulties.
  10. Not sure, I know what you mean but when I really push for tourism I don't see it. It could be a combination of: 1. I focus hard on getting those 3 categories of GP's 2. I focus hard on wonders 3. Low turn numbers (AI hasn't had a chance to get flight and whatever the tourism boost civic is?) 4. I usually trade for any great works I miss
  11. Meh. Not a fan of Franleanor. I got two cities to flip from CoL. But it just seems too hard. I had so many writers, artists and musicians just sitting around waiting for spots to put their works in. Either I'm doing something wrong and there's a much better way to get works slots, or this whole concept is out of balance. I got nearly all writers, artists and musicians in the game, and traded for the works of the ones I didn't get. Edit: Oh and I got hit with a three partisan spy missions from three different civs on the same turn.
  12. Next up I'm starting a game with Franleanor (French Eleanor). Being France I'm looking at culture.... but also Great People (the artistic ones) to play around with Court of Love. Free culture flipping? YES PLEASE!
  13. I use alt + printscreen buttons.
  14. Here's Suleiman domination win. Not just domination, but total annihilation. 5 turns after taking the first screenshot (the actual domination win) I razed the last non-Ottoman city (except city states).