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  1. Holy crap. Good luck with it.
  2. Holy cow. Sorry to hear E_T. Hopefully they get on this and sort it out quickly. I didn't mention this here last year (cuz it really wasn't relevant) but last year they found cancer in my gall bladder. The whole gall bladder was taken out. Thankfully it hadn't spread to anywhere else. Let's hope my luck is with you this time.
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  4. Its encouraging to hear you guys enjoying the xp. But I need to ask: Do you think this new enthusiasm is due to shiny but will die off? Or does the xp truly change things for the better? My biggest concern is loyalty.
  5. Maybe so...... but the premise is still the same. Stopping the human from steamrolling the AI, by taking the one thing they worked hard to get. Instead of hobbling the human, can't they just fix the damn AI?
  6. Culture flipping and corruption is why I hated Civ 3 so much.
  7. I probably should have got to this a week ago, but meh, was away from home. My games list for 2017: INSIDE Offworld Trading Company DLCs Cities: Skylines DLCs Hearts of Iron IV DLCs Skyrim Special Edition Factorio Terroir The Escapists Poly Bridge Mashinky Planet Coaster Opus Magnum The Witcher 3 NOTE: The Escapists, Planet Coaster and The Witcher 3 was for my kids not me.
  8. I think its peaked. We are supposed to have a howling sou-easter come through this evening for a 20 degree drop.
  9. Australia has 9 of the 10 deadliest animals in the world. I'm sleeping in a tent. Though when I was in the army we slept right next to our howitzer on a ground sheet.
  10. Camp is all setup now. First time at this site and quite impressed!
  11. Going camping tomorrow with the family. Trying to get a few days in before I go back to work on the 8th. I prefer something a little more remote but the wife likes first world luxuries like a toilet.... shower.... bbq shelter. Haha. I'm pretty much self sufficient now for a week, except for a 12v fridge. Thats my next camping purchase. A 40 litre 12v Waeco fridge.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all have a great day tomorrow.