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  1. About time.
  2. Same sex marriage law passed through Federal Parliament today. Once the Governor-General signs it in a few days it will be active.
  3. FYI, site doesn't load on my phone. Loads from PC fine though.
  4. I'm not far enough in to make a full comparison, but from what I have played if you enjoyed Skyrim you'll fit right in.
  5. Picked this up in recent sale. Main plus expansions. So far really enjoying it! A few hours in.
  6. I have to admit I'm quite dismayed to read the feature list. The impression I get is Anton isn't really trying at all by bringing back things other designers removed for a reason (golden ages, feats, culture flipping, governors), plus new things meant to specifically penalise the player for playing well (dark ages, emergencies). Doesn't sound good at all to me.
  7. Spose, I was a bit harsh. I too have around 250 hrs and my 3rd most played game on steam. And yes, Civ5 is above it too.
  8. Civilization World was much worse.
  9. A defib for a dieing series?
  10. True, but only a small part of the game is in and not much balancing has been done yet. I think generation of stuff to transport (people, logs, coal, stuff) is about 4 times too much for the year. Thats why theres so much tokens being made. Or make everything like 5 times as much.
  11. My Steam wishlist currently sits at: - Guild 3 (though not really, watching rather than really wanting) - Planet Coaster (for Master 11) - Medieval Kingdom - Railway Empire - Skylines mass transit dlc (though Im really "meh" on this whole fail of a SC4 replacement) - Kingdoms and Castles - HOI4 death and dishonour - Genesia Legacy (I actually dont know why its on this list.... maybe Master 11 put it on??? Haha) - Saelig - Mashinky (I got early acces and its pretty good, though shelved it for a while) Though Im looking for big discounts on all of them. Im just playing Factorio. Its now my 2nd most played game adter Civ5 according to Steam.
  12. Factorio? No? Ok bye.
  13. Sadly, news like this no longer excites me like it did in the past.
  14. So next week is the 3-yearly Cub Scout camp Cuboree. Its the junior sections equivalent of a jamboree. I'm taking a pack of 36 cubs and 10 adults with me to the event. I'm really looking forward to it, but god damn am I going to be F'ed for a couple weeks after it.
  15. Wow, sad news everywhere. Sorry to hear of the losses.