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  1. Sorry guys, yes we are still playing. Will be tomorrow though before I have time to get my turn in. Getting swamped with multiple deadlines. And only Beta ( )is in trouble, my Island still is holding on.. But lot of strategy is needed, and little time..
  2. Quote: If I knew someone will object to this, I could had acted otherwise Matter is clarified. All in all: city gifting is allowed, as long as this rule is not exploited (as in the above examples) Quote: In fact I am quite sure that city gifting has already happened several times in this game already Haven't been around for the entire game
  3. We can agree on a rulechange? But either city transfers are allowed or not allowed. Not something in between.. But you all know that there are some exploits. PS. When we decide it's not allowed, a simple transfer back suffices for me.. no reload is needed.
  4. Could it be that you are transferring cities ? (increase / decrease in points) I am under the impression that that is not allowed..
  5. It's over to you guys..
  6. Both b├Ęta's and my postition are stuck behind diplo screens. The next 6 hours I am availble to play, so if someone can log in and unpause, that would be great..
  7. I just got internet again. They have been digging near my front door, struck the internet cable, took two days to get it repaired.
  8. Over to you guys!
  9. The motherland rejoices. They have embarked again. The invasion has been stalled. Let's see if we can defeat them at a different location.
  10. Over to you guys!
  11. More to come.. The meat grinder awaits..
  12. We lost the 66..
  13. Big attack has taken place. Lost 66 vs 43 units. We are hanging on by our finger nails. But still we will not give in. All who retreat will be shot. Our motherland demands sacrifice of all who can preserve her. Our glorious air force has flown air strikes against the attacking evil armies. We must make sure they are hurting too. So men, take courage and remember our tanks are coming.
  14. Congrats ET PS. 2metra/sommers: when is the next turn coming ? And has the big attack taken place? PS. How eager are you guys to finish Europa game? see my post in the thread..
  15. No