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  1. MOO2Civ 5.0 has just been uploaded: Changes: ------- - (re)added innate Stealth to all Darlok ships by Minor Annoyance - (re)added innate Stealth Civpedia text by Minor Annoyance - added redone traits by Minor Annoyance - merged fulano's MOO2Civ minimod v. 1.5.4b (see Documents folder for details) - added scenarios - added custom music (partly optional) - corrected races' colourscheme (no more 2 races with orange colour!) - fixed Kael's Assimilation mod errors (not sure if it works; feedback welcome!) - more text corrections You may also visit the MOO2Civ forum, which has been very active lately:
  2. I'm surprised: Buncle isn't a Bruce???
  3. A very short history then. Then they'd be wrong. To be true, I reckon both Russia and China are kind of embarassed by their North Korean neigbour.
  4. I'd have to say anything by kobayashi; brilliant graphics, excellent gameplay (especially Star Trek: Dominion War or ST: DW). Of the originals I feel I have to mention the WW II (terribly made, but inspiring some of the greatest fanmade WW II scenarios out there), Crusades (better made, but the same applies), Rome (pretty well done, same applies) and MOOjr (great idea, but way too small, inspired me to make a full-blown MOOjr4 scenario) scenarios. I'm sure I left some excellent scenarios out, some of which have been mentioned here before.
  5. Yards, I presume.
  6. I sincerely apologize. (But MOO2Civ was already around 2 years ago.)
  7. Didn't know GM were experts on climate change... I guess car sales are definitely not on the up. (I reckon those aren't Celsius grades...) That might me the instinctive reaction; unfortunately modern science hasn't got a clue on curing the common cold. (Seems they have that in common with climate change...)
  8. @1) which '2012 destruction'? @2) aid Haiti.
  9. Down with buggy hacks!
  10. (Wow - impressive avatar there!) I guess I'm the only one editing my file pages, 'cause each time I do I get an appearance in the MOD File Caser... Just wondering though: can it be helped?
  11. Following several bugs/error reports on the last 2-3 patches I've rebuilt a (hopefully) stable version called MOO2Civ 5.0 Beta Full info here:
  12. The Crusades! is at 200+ downloads. Full info + screenshots here: --- And a Merry Christmas to y'all!
  13. MOO2Civ patch 4l is now at 100 downloads.
  14. Hadn't noticed anything really (except a similar report on CFC). PS Good luck with the snow!
  15. Actually, I haven't commented on the incident itself, as it seems the perpetrator was less than compos mentis. Obviously I do not agree with violence against or by politicians. That said, I think Mr Berlusconi seems more interested in power than in the rule of law; trying to evade investifation into possible abuse of powers is not the response I expect from the prime-minister of a EU nation (nor any other democracy, BTW).