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  1. I think China and the US depend way too much on each other to ever be at war.
  2. Some promotion of my brother's music
  3. What is this news? I thought there were stars that could fit thousands of our sun that we knew about already?
  4. Forgot to mention that hunting could maybe be allowed, only problem I have with it is that it is the crack in the system that brings the guns to the civilians that would otherwise not have access to them. My mothers ex hunted. And had like 3 rifles in the house. Hunting is needed around here to keep populations in check too. Maybe it could be done professionally. Bows could also be used, though that require a bit more skill I believe. Might cause more cases of badly injured animals that have to suffer instead of clean kills. Though it could also be the opposite I don't know how hunters view these weapons. (I've talked with some who saw it as more sport to hunt with bows though).
  5. I wouldn't want to live in a city or nation where I wouldn't feel safe without a gun. Civilians should not have access to guns outside the gunrange. Guns in the hands of the Police is of course ok, but these days they can manage with mostly batons, electrical stun guns, rubber bullets, etc.
  6. From WikiAnswers
  7. This was in 1992: [nomedia=]YouTube- The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes[/nomedia]
  8. The truth here is that the world can't handle much more growth. We can't continue consuming more and more. We need balance. The west, the developed world that is, don't need more growth, we need redistribution of resources to equalize the high standards. In the developed world EVERYONE could live a decent life now, but everyone doesn't. The developing world on the other hand does need growth still. But we can't continue on this path. It's self destructive.
  9. I don't really want a grave. I find that it's a waste of land/space. Especially when it's right smack in the center of a city. I find it depressing. I also want to donate my body to science.
  10. I believe we didn't have to but choose to. I think our finance minister said something like "You can't have american taxes and swedish expenses and think it is going to work".
  11. Ok Buster's Uncle is the winner!
  12. If there is not going to be any more attempts I will have to decide a winner soonish.
  13. New image to edit
  14. The Demon Brothers Also posted at my DeviantArt (and my blog ;P)
  15. Hope it all works out Dale!