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  1. You seriously don't see the power in a moderator position? You know what it entails, yes? You're saying you're extremely upset because you missed out on "servitude" for a presently overstaffed forum?
  2. You know, I tend to think that the people who react this way to being passed for a position of power are likely poor candidates for the job, anyways.
  3. <p>You have an interesting list of friends. Why am I no longer on it?</p>

  4. Sorry, I've already made my own.
  5. The opposite of down. This is the first Madden since Madden 1999 that I haven't owned on some system, and I love NCAA Football 12. I haven't played any more Madden 12 than the demo, but I owned the 2011 versions of both games, and I can confidently say that NCAA Football 11 >>> Madden 11.
  6. Why the hell are you complaining about not becoming a moderator? Rejoice!
  8. Does this mean Dale finally "chilled out"?
  9. Previous Threads Freudian Experiment Freudian Experiment 2: Get your +1 here! Freudian Experiment 3: I ALREADY POST AROUND THE CLOCK! Freudian Experiment 4: Here We Go Again Freudian Experiment 5: Space Herpes Freudian Experiment 6: The Show Must Go On Last post was I'll start with: Spock
  10. <p>Sorry 'bout that.</p>

  11. Zack is cool and awesome.
  12. How rude!