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  1. I am Hosting a Planet Fall PBEM game here I need a few players note; it is a 2 part game, the first requires you to build and launch your Spacecraft from a late modified Modern Era. All players get to lauch their spacecraft giving you a priority rating in chosing your PF Faction. The first to launch gets first pick in the PF game and so on. I hope to see a few players at the above link
  2. Happy New Year, I hope all is well
  3. Yes I will be playing as the H'minee Prog Yes 40x80 is ok Yes the reduction of cities is ok, that will smooth out any bumps in the early game, that is great I'm in Ohio, where are you?
  4. ok sounds great
  5. Yes than we should reduce the placed buildings to 8 I would like to avoid complications like Drone riots at the start so size 1 cities sounds great, size 2 HQ is also good(I like working out all these details :) ) Agreed The thing with starting with base facilities is that the player would pay for something they may not have built for themselves. If it is free (I can not remember) this is not really an issue. But standard starting units are a must. These notes apply after the game starts
  6. Well I have been in this situation before, we simply allow access to the file to prove it was not setup one sided or to anyone's benefit I'm sure it will be easy to find someone to look over the map and actualy assign players etc
  7. I've never created a scenario before so I hadn't thought all of this threw. I would say like it is on game turn one with a single unit 1-1-1 for the humans in each base, and a 1-3r-1 for the Aliens(if thats what they start with regularly) in each base. As for base facilities/size I would say the majority of the cities would be size 1 and the Capital size 2 and for the Aliens the same but their Capital size 2. If you think the overall scheme of city sizes +1, +2 or even higher I would also agree. But as for base facilities I have no idea?(If you would like to take the lead on this that might be best As for Terraforming I think none so the player can make these decisions and that is to include whether they even bother researching the appropriate tech to produce the Former. I had been considering a period of peace at the start but wanted the players to vote on the duration
  8. I am stoked, can't wait to play it!!!
  9. Wow I can't believe its so nice! I think its just right As I loaded it I thought it would be real nice to have fungus like a drag strip to the human factions but that is one sided and this is not the case, it is very even and broken up, know one can say the map was stagged Very very well done in deed BTW I was looking in the "Virtual store" directories and thats why I didn't see the common folders
  10. ok thanks. where does this map goes? what folder?
  11. Ok thanks, take your time, I appreciate it. Did you check out the new thread? So what folders do you have for your install? Yes a fungal belt in the middle is ok if the flat part took to much I could create a rule forbidding the journey
  12. I will dl map and load it up tomorrow, thanks is the map set to wrapping? I don't want the 7th to sail East to the aliens or the humans to sail north or south to reach the other. Hmm thats odd, all I have is the "Save" folder, I need a "Scenario" folder right? I've not set up any games on this Windows 7 machine just played SP games and received pbem turns, I forget what all used to be there
  13. I didn't do any fungus yet, I am not sure how much you want. I think some should be everywhere, But the Aliens should have far more in comparison, I'm H'Minee so it would be nice to turn mindworms into minions(although I know there is less chance of this because they are less likely near cities) Alternatively to giving each player a unique landmark, it would be much easier to give them some uranium and jungle tiles and a few monoliths to use.Yes this is a better idea, it adds precise power
  14. I've created a new PBEM thread here