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  1. Apolyton is setting up a Civ:BE demogame: http://apolyton.net/forumdisplay.php/392-Civilization-Beyond-Earth-Demogame
  2. Hey, any WPCers want to join Team Apolyton? The game is going painfully slow now, but it seems we are nearing the end game.
  3. Y'all are welcome to come back home to Apolyton. :)
  4. Ah, it looks like I was wrong about Windows 8.1. I still have Windows 8. That probably explains why the hotfix wasn't working. I'm downloading 8.1 now.
  5. Oh wow, fantastic. That is incredibly helpful, thank you so much. That is exactly the problem I'm having, yay! Great news about Win8 vs. Win7 too. As for the hotfix.. I'm not able to get it to install. I keep getting a pop up that says "the update is not applicable to your computer" I tried both the x86 and x64 versions.
  6. Ugh. I have a copy of Win 7, do you think that would be less resource intensive? Looking at memory usage in task manager I dont get above 40% used when running Civ though. That seems like I have plenty left.
  7. So 8 gb of ram for win 8 is equivalent to 4 gb of ram for win 7? I installed drivers for my Logitech keyboard and mouse.
  8. I'm not even using the normal laptop trackpad thingy. I have a wireless logitech keyboard & mouse combo and I installed new drivers for them. It is more than just a choppy mouse I suppose, it is like the computer keeps freezing when Civ is open. Back on my desktop, with only 4 GB of memory, this would happen from time to time when I had too many things open and running. I should have more than enough resources to handle civ, but... I dunno. This is very strange. Typing this out is choppy and delayed as well. Every so often I'll hit a key and it'll hang for a bit before it shows up. I have Civ minimized in the background, but it is still affecting me here.
  9. I just bought a new laptop. Yet, despite being more powerful than my desktop when I try to play Civ the mouse is all choppy. It makes playing very difficult. Trying to move units with my mouse is difficult as they often go to places without my clicking. I didn't at all expect that upgrading my computer would downgrade my Civ playing. My specs: Intel i7 4700 2.40 Ghz 8 GB RAM x64 Windows 8.1 And I have two graphics cards, both are: GeForce GT 750M Why am I having problems?
  10. Early on I had kept a close eye on all the team threads, it took y'all forever to figure out it was Indonesia :). I loved reading people's theories on what the map was. :)
  11. Hey everyone, I'm just checking in. Is the game over? How did things end up? Did y'all find all the cool things I left for you on the map?
  12. Good times. :) (i.e. horribly stressful times)
  13. Written on the shirt I am wearing right now: Haikus are easy But sometimes they don't make sense Refrigerator
  14. Finally! About time someone does, haha.