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  1. Wont be able to do jack till the forums more accessible.
  2. Added info from my end over there. Because I can't access it on my phone He gave you a perma, huh? I won't comment further than to say I was removed from the staff there when that went down and had a tempo ban or two of my own.
  3. To whom it may concern: back to being listed as distributing unwanted programs by whichever McAfee program work uses
  4. The McAfee alert at work changed later in the week. No longer potentially unwanted programs, just general unsafe site.
  5. Im increasingly convinced that the team situation and culture has a lot more to do with a pick's success/failure than some magic ability to pick the right guy. Expecially the later round guys. The 49ers have somehow transformed into the old raiders with a mess in the front office and a meddling owner. While the Raiders have started to find success specifically because the owner didn't meddle and let McKenzie provide stability even with a lot of experts questioning his ability as a go after 3 years.
  6. McGloin goes down the second series of the game. Season turned into a greek tragedy in a hurry.
  7. Well.... McGloin's not terrible....will be interesting to see if the team rally's at all, but Super Bowl dreams are nixed.
  8. I'm not a noob. I am in charge of a couple sites and have been down this road before. It is not an it problem. This isnt something they manually blocked, nor a category they blocked. The site is still coming up as malware to some mcafee lists. Granted, they probably only update once a month and should correct themselves. Though, there's still a couple things with the registrar Wouter could fix to help as well and a manual request to re-check the site would have solved it as well. For the record, staff blowing off people in the feedback section of a site is never a good look. You might not be 'in charge', but you are staff.
  9. we had a lot of trouble with facebook connect earlier this year at the halloween forum.
  10. If you guys don't care, guess I wont.
  11. Yawn. Sp not worth it. Demo games non existent. Pbems breaking down. Piece meal cash grab dlc. Yeah. I think this just dropped off to a wait for the complete version in a bargain bin years from now for me.
  12. [video=youtube;ZbZ388fBKUQ]
  13. Still blocked from work.
  14. So, Big D where are you on Tony Romo time?
  15. There's a ton of ifs and maybes in that game. And teams dont get a say in the design of the color rush crap, but if the NFL/Nike thinks they'll sell a single one of THOSE, they don't know Raider fans. Besides, its already hard to improve the home jersey.