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  1. I cant get into this game its timing out tried a few times over the last 12 hours can someone pause it ? as i wont be able to check again for 18 ish hours.
  2. Sommers i have no issue with you and the war as I said I may have mised a turn but whatever the reason i did not know a war had begun, partly my fault cos i dont check these forums often and i may have missed a turn as i said. My issue was simply I got diplo offers that i didnt acept because I tend to wait to hear from Nugog, then of course the war realisation came and it was now too late to accept certain diplo offers last turn. The thing that irked me was my request being considered as holding up the game, been in this since day one and never once caused a delay or pause, and always believing the only time likely to need a pause or reset is when war breaks out. As far as being at war goes well may the best team win and all that, I doubt Moonshine has the collective assets to win but we will give it our best shot Im sure. You and metra are not at fault in my eyes, and i should have kept a eye out here more often maybe. Play on !
  3. Play on it is fine
  4. Ive ended my turn but Im dissapointed that the general view was get on with it Chris Been in the game with you all from the beginning and never once caused or asked for a pause or reset No matter play on !
  5. Im not going to blame others if i missed a turn and war broke out but would it be possible for this turn to be restarted as i clicked away certain diplo offers i maybe shouldnt of ! I ask only as I honestly did not know war had broke out.
  6. Ive only just logged into the game this morning and had not seen any declaration prior, you say you go second but ive lost units ? Did i miss a turn ?
  7. I cant get into this game, I either get host refuses connection message or timing out Civ stats shows me as being logged in though.
  8. Sounds an idea for future games Rob but as this was not agreed at set up i think it would be unfair to try and enforce now in this game. In my opinion Sommers did nothing wrong, sure it must have pissed ET off it would have pissed me off had it been my settler but this is a game and as far as any rules we had agreed the move was allowable. Harping on about spirit of a game is a two way street and can open a can of worms. It was wrong to have paused this game over this ! And it is also very wrong for Kloreep to declare hes now going to force us to have 48 hours for every turn ! this will destroy any spirit this game has ! I dont see any problem with any player logging in several times a turn but once youve played your turn then end your turn ! I am not willing to allow Kloreep to force us all to play out every 48 hours, this destroys any chance of quick turnarounds we sometimes get.
  9. As a player I couldnt give two hoots about the disputes your two teams have, but I am not happy this game was paused for an event that is not !!! against the rules. Edit Game Unpaused ! if you folks want to continue this and pause again could I ask Rob W to mail me when it is resolved ?
  10. If you wanted the right to hold the game up any time a peace time double move screwed up your plans you should havce made that clear in the set up ! There has been no breach of the agreed rules, do the right thing and suck it up and let us continue ! And Rotherall take a gate is humour, its not meant as an insult, its a play on the word offence, you took offence, or a fence so take a gate too, as in garden fence garden gate, sheesh do you see insult in anything and everything ?
  11. Yeah I did get up on the wrong side of bed so what of it ? I get Hypocrisy from the game admin stopping the game because he is unhappy with someone settling a spot before him, we do not have any agreements to disallow peacetime double moves ! if this so called foul is allowed then I say that is Hypocrisy and Im sure its the right word. At least in the dictionary I use. Why many of you find a persons post aggressive baffles me, are you afraid of the written word ? When I said earlier I would quit if this foul is allowed I was not threatening anything I was being very clear, I will not play on in this game if Sommers settlement is disallowed, I see no point playing in a game where the admin will stop it anytime he is not happy with some outcome. As for what Viking knows, and I mean no insult to Viking btw just in case anyone thinks that ! is not enough to say Sommers did wrong, many players log in several times a turn, ET especially does this, he may have looked in before a shift to have a quick look, then played later after work, we cannot know if he moved anything on his first login or not. I was annoyed this morning because i tried to play my turn but couldnt finish because the game got paused halfway through, now I have a busy work schedule, i cant access a computer during work time like some of you, I work on a construction site and I work long hours, my liesure time is limited and valuable to me, I dont want to see this game being halted for peace time double moves disputes than you very much ! If any of you feel you must take offence at the tone of this post then please feel free to take a gate as well !
  12. Are you at war with sommersword ? If not then shouldnt you suck it up ? i thought the double move rule only applied to war time situations, to cry foul because someone benefitted from a peacetime double move is to say all players who get to play there turn last and the next first are somehow cheats ! I do not see why this calls for a pause and I certainly dont see how Sommersword cheated, frankly if you allow this foul Im quitting the game cos it stinks of hypocrisy to me ET should have settled a turn earlier rather than want to reach his sweet spot then he would have not needed to pause this game !
  13. Hello Nugog I seem to be able to come to this site again without viruses so I can keep more up to speed. Let me know if you need any input fromme on diplo or other stuff.
  14. Yes it was specifically to be a random game
  15. Hey mate sorry to hear youyr schedule is so hectic :) I also got the diplo from E_T but being busy too forgot to let you know :) I agree with your assesment entirely and i also sent agreement to E_T that NAP is agreeable longer term we would need more talk about yes ! FYI i popped animal husbandry last turn