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  1. A lot of people (E_T among them) can't connect to any PBC game for the time being.
  2. I enjoyed Gwent in the Witcher, so that + a nice story was enough for me.
  3. I didn't find it very challenging, but the story was good.
  4. Hey @Sharpe, we're not really playing anymore, so we will not be continuing this server. I will still save the world, and can transfer it to you if you like. Sorry about that.
  5. Ok, changed it to 1. Might need to restart, so I'll wait until you're offline. Also: Your node will be taken offline for scheduled maintenance on 8/22/2019 at 12:00AM EST. The maintenance window is 3 hours - please keep in mind that during this time you will be unable to use any services on these nodes.
  6. Sure, let me check
  7. Bob Is telling me you're making a gold farm? I'm on holidays in Spain ATM, so not much gaming going on.
  8. I went all the way to the bamboo jungle the other day. I haven't been paying much lately though, doing more Stellaris and Starbound.
  9. Ah, I ran into them (and promptly withdrew) when I was looking around. I'm interested in getting to the bamboo jungle, I could use some scaffolding.
  10. The server is back up running spigot. Let's play for a while and see how it fares, otherwise we'll see.
  11. It has been suggested to us by server support to switch to Spigot rather than vanilla MC, which is standard MC with performance improvements. Another alternative is to move it to Realms.
  12. I accidentally triggered an Illager raid, and for some reason it was a hard-difficulty raid. I managed to kill the first 6 waves, but the 7th managed to swim through and they killed all the villagers (and me twice).
  13. Yeah, the same happened to me last night. I'll talk to my friend.
  14. So I made the portal (and moved it to y 52) but then went back to overworld. I advanced a lot with clearing the abandoned mines (the are at least two of them joined together), and started on a rail system to get stuff out to the surface.
  15. Ah, I was wondering where that obsidian had come from, lol. I'll make a nether portal now, and push north from there, to join up with yours.
  16. Good to know! I'll try and make at least a nether portal this weekend, so you know where to aim for if you continue the nether tunnels. What y-level are you at in the nether? BTW, there's a librarian who sells mending books in our current village, as well as a couple toolsmiths and armorsmiths, I'm all decked out in diamond gear without having mined a single diamond
  17. Just hide under the trees!
  18. We have just restarted under the new patch. It was a bit of a shame to abandon all the effort put into the other world, but we looked the changes to much not to do it. We've found a village and have started to build over it.
  19. If you can scrounge some rare crystals, I've found the crystal sensors edict quite useful (especially for the life of my scientists)
  20. @godking , together with a friend we currently have a Minecraft server were playing in. You can join if you like. Just PM me your Minecraft username so we can add you to the wishlist and I'll send you the address. We both have 18 month old kids, so we're not online that much, but you're more than welcome to join us.
  21. .
  22. Edit: moved to the Minecraft thread
  23. With the Domination opener, a leader with the environmental engineer trait, and the volatile land clearance edict; clearing them costs almost nothing.
  24. Ça c'est très bon, mais on parle l'anglais ici