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  1. Definitely, I understand! I'll pick 'em out later on. Thanks so much for your assistance! I'm still in the processing of doing a bit more balancing though. Tomorrow I'll post two more factions and see what people think of the stats.
  2. Okay, so some possible faction portraits for the two leaders I've had so far. Michael Garrison (young African-American male leader): I found a helpful Hollywood fantasy casting for a live-action Captain Planet movie, and they suggested Anthony Mackie to play as Kwame. He doesn't seem as boyish as I was envisioning Garrison, but this pose is both impetuous and I like the presence of enviro-green. Could this work? Since he's an actor, there are readily available pictures of him. Aleksandr Borokhov (middle-aged Slavic soldier): I'm tentatively going with Alexander Degyarev, the Ukrainian protagonist of the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. It'd be nice to give him a beret, though. (It would also be sky blue but instead have the faction emblem on it.) Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R. character who would be fitting:
  3. Yeah, I definitely agree. Since SMAC fandom isn't too big, we can mix and match quite a bit. I personally think "Journey to Centauri" messed up Santiago and Yang's characterizations, but that's a rant for some other time. Interestingly, the Prima strategy guide for SMAC includes both datalinks bio and all of the info from the website, at least for the original 7 factions. It's also funny because each chapter begins with a random quote from the leaders, and they appear to have been from an early build of the game, so includes these: Kind of a cool quote, since it appears to have not appeared anywhere at all, unlike the following one. They also label Morgan's quote with "Director" instead of "CEO", and they call the leader of the Believers "Mariam." So even officially-sanctioned material can have a bunch of mistakes, haha.
  4. From what I understand, this is all of the "official" media- SMAC SMAX Michael Ely's "Journey to Centauri" story faction profiles and other flavor text on the Firaxis website (currently defunct) GURPS SMAC sourcebook Michael Ely's novel trilogy Power of the Mind Worms graphics novel There really isn't any sort of "canon" rating for a franchise as self-contained as SMAC, so I suppose aside from the games, anything is fair game. Personally I love the flavor text on the site, even when it contradicts with the in-game datalinks. Michael Ely's writings, unfortunately, aren't that great and I don't really like his interpretation. I pick and choose from it as well as from the GURPS sourcebook, which is a bit of a mixed bag. What do you guys think?
  5. I've gone through the internet archive of the SMAC site, and collated this little timeline of events prior to the Unity mission. I'm discounting the Michael Ely stories and novels. 1994: Prokhor Zakharov born in Russia. 1999: Sheng-ji Yang born in China. 2005: Nwabudike Morgan born in Namibia. 2006: Pravin Lal born in India. 2011: Domai born in Australia. 2014: Miriam Godwinson born in United States. 2018: Ulrik Svensgaard born in United States. 2025: Deirdre Skye born in Scotland. 2026: Corazon Santiago born in Puerto Rico. 2027: Asa Wright born in West Indies Co-Prosperity Sphere. 2028: Aki Luttinen born in Norway. 2034: East Side Riots occur in Mexico City. 2040s-50s (estimated): Areas are contaminated by radiation, Pax Decay wars 2049: Markethack Crash. 2050: New Los Angeles imposes martial law. 2053: Disastrous Battle of Baffin Bay 2058: Russian economic system crashes "again" Other events we are told happen: Sahara Burst Wars occur. Twelve Minute War occurs. India Border Conflict occurs. Crusader Wars occur, nuclear weapons are used, U.N. Re-integration Forces sent in afterwards for humanitarian purposes. Second Golden Revolution in China, Golden Emperor arises. Crimson Succession follows. Does anyone know when the Unity left Earth? I keep hearing 2060, so I may go with that.
  6. I think I'll just do one or the other them, maybe Super Formers to emphasize that they're not just Green, they're into settling for the benefit of their own faction, too. I'll post the next faction to be vetted tomorrow.
  7. Yes! That link gives me all sorts of resources. So for the Settlers, I got rid of their -1 Research, and I'm thinking of adding: Free Recycling Tanks at every base Free ability: Super Former Would that be enough to make them less weak, or does that make them overpowered?
  8. I'm adding these. Thanks so much for the suggestions! This is really cool! I'll tweak the Settlers later, please lemme know what you think!
  9. Thanks for the comments! I've been meaning to tweak the Magistrates for years. How about this in addition to the previous stats? +2 Support (instead of +1) +1 Morale (Ready to defend the interests of the Federation) Free ability: Deep Radar I'm also uncertain what Aversion to give them yet, both based on story considerations or for game balance. Maybe I could give them none. Or maybe they're anti-Police State. Also, is there a compilation anywhere of all the possible faction attributes that can be tweaked? Free abilities are always cool to give away.
  10. Okay, I'm just going to assume that the Settlers are balanced enough (I'm not too worries since they've been vetted before on Apolyton). Here's the next batch: the Sovereign Magistrates. Sovereign Magistrates “Many times as I knelt in the trenches- huddling from fear, sobbing from loss, I wondered why we fought- did not both the United Nations and the International Federation of Countries want peace and unity? Still, as one by one my comrades died, as city by city fell, the purpose of our dark mission became clearer- peace through war, unity through separation, freedom through control.” - Commandant Aleksandr Borokhov, Hell: The UN-FC War Symbol/Insignia: A dove flying upwards holding a lightning bolt in its talons, with a big star in the background. Leader: Commandant Aleksandr Borokhov Background: Ukraine, Adjunct to the Secretary-General of the Federated Countries; Sovereignty Executive Officer Agenda: An allied confederation of factions devoted to the destruction of oppressors and warmongers. Technology: Doctrine: Loyalty +2 Support (Willing to sacrifice for the Federation) +1 Morale (Armed for peace) -2 Economy (Confederate machinations impede development) -1 Growth (Anti-overpopulation measures favored) Free Command Center at each base. Free Prototypes Free ability: Deep Radar May not use Police State Politics Essentially, they're the interventionist, "authoritarian U.N." peacemakers who made up of a substantial part of the crew. They represent the International Federation of Countries, the bloc of nations that seceded from the U.N. and started the war on Earth. They've got a paradoxical set of beliefs, and are in some ways both reactionary against the United Nation's attempts to rein in independent nations, as well as reformatory in favor of improving the int'l community's ability to prosecute rogue nations and intervene against human rights atrocities. As such, they're a very contradictory group, but are essentially the broken mirror version of the U.N.- they are not bureaucratic and are very much militarily inclined. The Magistrates are led by Aleksandr Borokhov, a disillusioned democratic-rights reformer from the Ukraine turned Third World guerrilla leader. So, what do you guys think? I'll do some searching about potential doppelgänger for my faction leaders soon, but in the meantime I'm concerned about balance. Apologies for the horrendous quality of my faction emblem sketch, I was young!
  11. Has anyone read any of them? I was lucky enough to snap up a copy of Centauri Dawn, but the sequels go for exorbitant prices online. They seem to be out of print.
  12. For now I'm fine with just comparisons with the original factions (whether in SMAC or SMAX). It helps to give me an idea whether or not they're broken in any way. Thanks so much for taking a look and your comments!
  13. Yeah, I understand. I'll do some searching for the leaders as well. I'm also hoping for any commentaries about balance/stats.
  14. I think I'd like to try to keep the gender/ethnicities of the leaders as is- Michael Garrison would be a young African-American male, somewhat boyish, but with a bit of an appearance of a leader. However, thanks for the suggestion! I don't believe I asked for a Deidre-looking leader, but Jamie Gertz would do quite well as a lookalike for Sylvia Gauss, the leader of the Nanomachine Technologists, who I'll post in the future.
  15. Terra set Planetary Settlers “Planet is not meant to be colonized by industrial methods that destroy the soil, pollute the air, and add nothing to the spirit of manifest destiny- carving out a new home with our own hands. Planet is meant to be settled.” - Governor Michael Garrison, Settler’s Guide “Settlers Ho!” -Rallying cry. Symbol/Insignia: A miner’s pick and a frying pan crossing each other diagonally, and a state emblem-esque background with rolling hills, a river, and two suns in the sky. Leader: Governor Michael Garrison Background: United States of America, Colonization leader of Antarctic Settlement Program; Sovereignty Colonization Specialist Agenda: Settlement of Chiron with eco-friendly measures. Technology: Centauri Ecology +1 Planet (Willing to treat Planet well) +1 Morale (Stalwart defenders of their outposts) -1 Probe (Frontier cities easy to infiltrate) -1 Economy (Strict environmentalism leads to certain sacrifices) May not make Wealth choice in Social Engineering So first off we have the Settlers, they kind of showcase the Earth-influence: basically, the U.N. got smart and took advantage of global warming by opening up Antarctica's fringes for settlement. On the other hand, everyone became very environmentally-sensitive as well. One of the leaders of the project became a Sovereignty member, and thus the leader of this faction. Michael Garrison's Settlers are exploration and colonization-minded (naturally), but also have a very ecological slant. As a result, they can fight and they can build without hurting Mama Chiron, but they are rather poor economically speaking, and have bad security. If you've read Earth before, you can tell that he's a combination of the Bloomington Settler boys and Nelson Grayson. I've had the above stats vetted before on the Apolyton forums, but I'm still wondering if they should be tweaked at all. In either case, here they are, for your consideration. I'll post more factions in due time.