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  1. I was talking to Lancer yesterday. He said he was trying to register here, but when he hit the "send" button, nothing happened. Suggestions?
  2. It's now worse than that. AOL has decided I don't exist until I call them at the 1-800 number, which is accessible only in the US. My old laptop has died. I have a new one. When I try to access Amazon from it--even tho I have my amazon password--amazon sends a code word to my old AOL address to make sure I'm me. AOL won't let me in, so now amazon is sure I'm not me. Amazon runs Kindle, which now also thinks I'm not me. So I can't access my stuff there.
  3. Palu is in the next country over. We're not affected at all.
  4. Lancer's computer is dead.
  5. Isn't this the story line for "The Big Bang Theory?"
  6. I can't figure out how to alternate text & pics. The 2nd pic is of my enlarged carport. Instead of just covering the Innova, it covers the Innova, my Racal electric car, and visiting motorcycles. The bottom level of the new construction is a pantry. Here's JJ & I looking from the pantry into the kitchen. I imported the hinges for the saloon doors from the US. We made the doors ourselves.
  7. My attic now has a street-side balcony.J
  8. Wee wasn't selected for publication. Stonewall Hearth & the Lovelash Locket is now open for nominations, but will be closing. It's a high-fantasy detective story. Stonewall Hearth I don't hold out much hope. When I first found Kindle Scout, 1 out of 5 books were being selected. Lately I've noticed that, although 8-15 novels are submitted each day, selections appear to be down to about 1 every two weeks.
  9. Some good news among a sea of bad. Good luck, ET
  10. Thank you, Immortal Guide of Apocalypto
  11. I've written some novels with the intention of getting them published as mass market paperbacks. To do this, I need a major publisher, and to get one off those, I need an agent. One gets an agent by submitting a query letter. I've learned that the odds of a query letter resulting in representation is 0.5%. So I'm changing tact. Amazon's Kindle Scout is looking for unpublished authors. I submitted my novel Wee to it. Kindle Scout posts the books for a 30-day period. It posts the cover of the book, some facts about the author, and the first 5,000 words of the novel. 15 days later, KindleScout decides whether or not it will publish the e-book. If it publishes, I get a $1,500 advance + 50% royalties. Everyone who nominated me gets a free copy of the book. I thought I would be told when the book would launch, but surprise: My 30 days are already running. What I'd like you to do is to go to kindlescout.amazon.com/, log into your Amazon account[although this will not cost you a penny], and find Wee, which is seven lines down in "Science Fiction and Fantasy" and probably about four pages in. Click the "Nominate Me" button. Thank you very many muchlies
  12. True. Parked out in their garage, the Democrats have a truckload of ideas which would make people's lives better, but do they talk about them? No. All they talk about is what an @hole Trump is. Everyone already knows he's an @hole. Stop wasting your time yelling down that rabbit hole! It gains you nothing, and it annoys the rabbit.
  13. Mote in God's Eye. Inferno. Anything with John Christian Falkenberg I was once at an awards ceremony. He and Niven were right there in front of me. I could have spoken to him, but I was too shy.
  14. I rediscovered WPC today. Hey look, I just figured out how to post pictures. This is me and JJ [goddaughter #1] looking from my new pantry into the kitchen,
  15. Great. The construction on the big house is done. Plus, we added two additional bedrooms on top of the little house. The frame of the aviary was starting to rot, so we sold the birds, tore down the aviary, and moved the dirty kitchen [i.e. barbecue] over there. We tore down the carport and build a huge carport that covers the SUV, the electric car, and any visiting motorcycles. We're now improving the drainage of the yards. My cook's sister is having lung problems, so she was ordered to get out of Cebu City for two weeks and go to the mountains or the seashore. She arrived her on Monday along with her grandson Keejee, the little boy who stayed with us last year. Then Tuesday, my #2 goddaughter Irish was coronated Miss U.N. at her school. Two cousins came from Mabini on the east end of the island to watch. Yep, we have a houseful! I've been writing a near-future/Xmas/crime story, which I'd hoped to submit to a SF or detective magazine for publication. However, I got decked with bronchitis, and I'm pretty sure it's now too late to submit Christmas stories. I'll do it anyway, but meeh.