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  1. Okay, so I'm thinkin the other day: 'Haven't you ever read a book or played a game that you absolutely HAD to tell someone about, but were certain that no one would care?' Voice two replied: 'Yeah, I have. We should start rambling about these things on WePlayCiv!' To which voice three responded: 'Heck Yea!' (Yes, I do occassionally refer to myself in the plural, and almost always refer to others in plural, as well.) So, here it is! Share anything! Review stuff! Give me your opinions!
  2. I think you did the best thing you could there, Uno. Well done, sir.
  3. It's difficult to imagine this place without BU. He's been here forever, or at least that's how it feels. The man made a mark on every forum here, and generated a lot of activity. He kept the place lively and entertaining. And, I consider him a friend.
  4. Peyton Manning (Refusing to shake Drew Brees's hand. Not very sportsmanlike. )
  5. I've been reading some old school stuff: Harry Turtledove's Worldwar: In the Balance. I intend to read the whole series again, as I have not read them in a very long time. In the classics category, I recently read Brave New World. I found it interesting, but can't really see the world heading that way (of course, it is 80 years old, at least). I also read some bits and pieces from The Mabinogion, but can't keep interest in it as yet.
  6. Ah, well, I'm no pro. I can live with that for a while.
  7. Scarface (Yeah, they probably would freak a little. I think it is just a regional thing, too.)
  8. the end of the road?
  9. Does it still look sloppy in old-school?
  10. <<<<< That's a bit better, don't you agree? At least on this theme. The background is so dark it would be nearly impossible to make it out without a white border. So, I added one!
  11. You know, every time I attempt to do something along these lines in GIMP, I grow to respect and admire your patience more and more, Buncle. I mean that with complete and total sincerity.
  12. Is that a gaming headset? I've got an Eye of Ra over here that I'm bout to fiddle with. Oughta have it up soon if I can remember this transparency stuff again, lol!
  13. Raw (Not fingernail polish, no. Rubbing alcohol is what we used. Burned, and I'm not even sure it worked, but it didn't itch for a while.)
  14. Idk about Cleo... I'll google a bit and see what it digs up. Oh yeah! That's been so long ago! It's mostly cuz I was goofing off the whole time. Being as evil as possible. I swear that I once killed a man and fed him to his daughter in Fable. I think that's how it went, anyway. Something really depraved like that, anyhow.
  15. Under My Skin (They got crawlspace, but not something evil. Thanks for the suggestions!)
  16. I was already evil, of course. How could you miss it? Did the evil laugh never convince you? Nice throwback reference. Good thing we're on the web already, otherwise, I'd have been lost completely. That game is as old as I am. P.S. I wanna change my avatar soon to something Egypt themed for Terra Incognita. Suggestions?
  17. Crooner (Indeed it is, sir! And, it is on Netflix. But only by dvd... )
  18. That makes me jolly!!!
  19. Bob Hope (I guess you have a point. Without that aspect, he's simply dull. Ben Stein may speak in monotone often, but he isn't boring. Hm, I'll have to try and watch some old ep's. Probably not anything available on Netflix... )