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  1. Thanks for the heads up. As you no doubt remember, I'm a fan of magic weak fantasy, so Scarcity sounds right up my alley. I'll look into alchemy too; is there any sort of herbalism in Skyrim, I'm thinking Aragorn and his Kingsfoil type scenario?
  2. OMG, all those mods! I'll have a look through when I get back from vacation in three weeks. Thanks.
  3. If you could list the mods you've used, that would be awesome. Winter is coming to NZ and I'm feeling the itch to immerse myself in something to pass the long cold nights. Thinking about giving Skyrim another try, but I'm not particularly interested in the high fantasy storyline, rather the life of a journeyman making his way in the world.
  4. I always like an AAR set on the homeland! Looking forward to further updates.
  5. Off to Japan for three weeks next weekend so will have a closer look when I get back. That should give time for everyone to have a good play of the game and get some post hype feedback.
  6. No, the last one I watched was The History Lesson with the devs. Terrible presentation!
  7. Yeah, a bit of a combo of too much information and trying to enjoy the last of the Kiwi summer! Looking forward to some third party YouTube reviews to see what they make of the game. The in house videos just don't do anything for me. They really could do with hiring a presenter with more enthusiasm!
  8. I'd be interested in some WW2 action BD. Give me a couple of weeks to get my crap sorted and I should be ready to go!
  9. Beat me to it again!
  10. Hope to be back on track for next week. Been sick for three weeks - welcome to 2019!