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  1. Really liking my race, private colony ships from the start helps the mineral deficit a lot.
  2. You really like Spiritual.
  3. My current game is the GIECO race....LOL (Inspired by my picture from earlier). I would have never picked those traits; we'll see how it goes.
  4. Oh snaps, I thought by just claiming system and not settling them, that I was charging up my tech. I'll have too rethink the super expando (systems, not planets) race. Although I seemed to be ahead or even in tech for a change. Anyway, I think I am done with my current game. I learned enough to understand how things work now. Still not real happy with the way war goals work, why was I expecting something akin to EU4 where you picked what you wanted out of your war goals to peace out. This could be so useful if you were attacked by someone else (not like that ever happens or anything ). Really no happy with the Khan mechanic. Seems a little broken. I submitted immediately as they were 5x my strength and right next to me. I started two more wars and they ended up bombing those AI's worlds while I was at war, and they do not stop after the war is over. Hey stupid overlord, we had a deal remember...sigh...bugs.
  5. Wow, I'm without words. In my prayers bro.
  6. Bugs are still there. Currently have one AI all systems owned and invaded, but my demands are not met. Likely buggered by the Khan invading at the same time. I submitted to them and when on my way invading as per my plan. Had a sector constructor get send to never land (by pirates) and come back as mine, but not really mine. I killed him. Pirates are not fun, why include them. Seems to be a game of cut them off, more than 4x.
  7. Yeah, except the other way around.
  8. Told you ^2
  9. Steven K.
  10. Told you!!!!!
  11. Yes, but let's try to keep the options open.