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  1. Cheezy poofs
  2. Orange Sunshine
  3. purple rain
  4. Portugal would be a good choice, but maybe a random new world????
  5. Okay, it is 1563, just finished my second war with Kilwa (forced a release of Makua and was not able to beat them up earlier since they has equivalent tech and really good allies). Next war will knock them mostly of the main island and hopefully get me parity on the navy, they have more heavies than England, France, Spain, or Portugal. My Navy is still weak. I will have to take on Madagascar later. In the North Central West, I have three vassals that I am feeding (thank you for pointing out the strategic province option as that is really helping): Zazzau, Fulo, and Air. Currently moving my armies back up there to knock the rest of the area down a notch. I have close tech parity with the Euros in military only; lagging on admin, and especially diplomacy. Trying to grab the good coastal colonies and now working on spreading east (current colony is off Madagascar).
  6. I should post my current game as Kongo, at least a pic, maybe later. I am lagging on tech, but not on owning the continent.
  7. I don't know, but you need EU4, that is all, thanks!
  8. in town
  9. Boys
  10. A bear.
  11. Hmm...starting over it seems as the Poland update just borked all my saves.