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  1. Yah, if I had visitors in the house, I would not be able to do my turn, even at normal operation, it took me two weeks to get to it. I've known Nik for a long time (on-line), I was just picking on him, sorry.
  2. Jobs are a bitch. Good luck with the new one.
  3. I think Nik is out of his league, he is a builder, not a warmonger. This limits his play style, and he is bowing out because of this. Of course, he is too busy as well.
  4. Salma Hayek
  5. lightening
  6. They also need time to merge, it does not happen quickly, the timer needs to be spinning, that is, not on pause.
  7. Was not sure on how to handle the Awakened Empire. I thought bowing down was not the right option...they would own the galaxy and win the game?
  8. Egypt
  9. The top let corner of the fleet box has a "merge" button. The fleets have to be next to each other. Sometimes you have to do it multiple times.
  10. celery
  11. Oh and the save. Who is next? On to the next.sav
  12. We have a NAP with them too. Yeah, forgot to mention that federation was one of my first choices on Unity, then I finished off the Supremacy tab to get the 15% fire rate bonus. I also did not post any of my tech choices, but nothing really special there. I tried to get our two allies into a federation as well, but they are not interested due to their racial makeup. And yes Ymacera is in that federation.