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  1. CFC is back up. Interface is different due to new forum software (XenForo), and some functionality still has to be configured.
  2. Will be glad to do so.
  3. Yes. I think the physical server on the US East Coast.
  4. Tweaking going on and backups being made. Latest estimate is to be back up un Sunday.
  5. We're upgrading the forum software. Expect to be back up by Saturday. Petek CFC Admin
  6. The Atomic Gamer site has informed CivFanatics that they are shutting off their servers on or around July 31, 2015. This announcement has major consequences for CivFanatics because most of our site is hosted on Atomic Gamer servers. We have found a new host and are planning our migration. However, we've also learned that many in the modding community have individual accounts at Atomic Gamer which they use to store their files. I just wanted to give a heads up to WPC in case anyone here has files stored on the Atomic Gamer servers. If so, you may wish to backup your files.
  7. GOG released an update to correct the problems that Zoid mentioned. Here's a quote from the GOG Alpha Centauri forum:
  8. Same here with Firefox!
  9. D, That's a good suggestion. I'll raise the issue if and when I get in touch with whoever is responsible for the web pages. Petek
  10. Ainwood, one of the CFC admins, suggested that I contact Dennis Shirk at Firaxis about this matter. Following is a draft of a message that I composed. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions about the message?
  11. I sent a follow-up request yesterday. Haven't heard back yet. I discovered that some of the links, such as still work, although the formatting is "off." Is rescuing the Firaxis SMAC pages still an issue? Were the relevant pages saved from the Internet archives?
  12. Nothing is specifically wrong with 1366x768, but I've seen other laptops running odd aspect ratios that had similar problems. Forcing 1024X768 allowed the game to run. I didn't know about the nVidia settings. Do you have to do that on your system, or does DirectDraw=0 work with no other tweaking? @Wodong -- Definitely try chuft's suggestion first.
  13. The directdraw command forces the game to run in your native Windows screen resolution, but SMAX won't run at 1366x768. You should delete the directdraw line and change your iini file to look like [Alpha Centauri] video mode=1024 That should force the game to run at 1024x768, which is the best you can do. HTH Petek
  14. Nothing yet. I followup after 30 days, so as not to appear impatient.
  15. The same thing happened to me once. A possible explanation is that Aki framed you for an atrocity that she committed against the Gaians. Did Deirdre accuse you of an atrocity?