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  1. Cool 9-10ish people :) anyone up to try a new forum game?
  2. Seriously though Lancer should look out, the way things are going, he's about to be bitten by a rattlesnake or catch the typhoid.
  3. Bring that man some Turlet paper!!!
  4. Those I remember, very satisfying click click.
  5. True :)
  6. I'm curious as well, sounds like 'blinker fluid'
  7. Zkribbler's got what I died of in Oregon Trail!!! pepperoni and cheez
  8. It does need moisture, Phils rain may be more than WI rain but yeah, think wrung-out-sponge moist.
  9. Happy 1500th post Darsnan! :)
  10. Who still hangs out here?
  11. Living Robert
  12. This is a resource good for a forum
  13. Congratulations, had a close call with my daughter too, glad it's all good :)
  14. Wow thanks PiMan, I'm gonna waste a lot of time on Codecombat I think lol :)
  15. Yeah!!! DALE!!! :) I feel like with my love of gaming this would be a good thing to get into. Got a few games that I would like to try to play in mind that aren't very graphics-intense that I think I could program (done some rough mock-ups in excel)