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  1. An enjoyable game to watch. Good game!
  2. They must be one of those obsessive builders with Conventional Missiles that I keep hearing about.
  3. The cooling heat is on! Interesting how other peoples games always end up more interesting than mine, hehehe.
  4. Hell yeah! New updates! I eagerly await the continuation of this, I highly enjoy reading through this playthrough.:)
  5. Just posting to point that I have enjoyed this topic heavily (After much archive binging), I truly can't wait for this to start up again in December.:)

    <p>I know how these seasonal things go, TASVideos tends to get more active towards Christmas and... April Fools (Given the purpose of the site, it should be obvious why, heh), while between April Fools and Christmas, the activity really dies down, I presume it's because people are busy with work or education.</p>

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    <p>I understand that lack of drama is relative, don't worry about that, I've come from plenty of places that have had drama! But I reassure you, I shant be starting any drama myself, I quite dislike it.</p>

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    <p>Incidentally, I hope my name isn't too silly sounding, I sort of inherited it from when I started making internet accounts back in 2003 and, well, it stuck. It gets annoying when I find other Flygon's out there on the internet in communities I'd like to make an account for, but I manage. I quite like your name, incidentally... reminds me of Planet Busters, hehe.</p>



    <p>It's not <em>always</em> drama-free, but mostly, and the slowness seems to be seasonal. It should pick up dramatically in the next month and stay that way through about May.</p>

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    <p>You've certainly come to the right place for modding.</p>



    <p>Thanks for the message mate!</p>

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    <p>I don't really have any particular questions as of yet, I've enjoyed lurking around the forums so far, digging up the various pieces of information (I, myself, have found the Green economics to be particularly powerful). The prospects of the game modding (Something I've been interested in for years but have never seen any chance for it to grow because of the fact that every website out there seemed to be either dead or gone, particularly frustrating was the malexistance of the website).</p>

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    <p>Either way, I do hope to have fruitful discussions in the future, everyone here thus far appears to be very supportive, calm, and welcoming! It's very nice to find a tensionless forum (Unless there is discussion of Silksteel's tensile strength, anyway <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue.gif.567e7319007607ac0a75fb69a15d120b.gif" alt=":p" /> ). Granted, it doesn't appear to be super-active, but compared to my attempts previously... this is pretty damn good!</p>



    <p>Welcome to the Playground, Flygon. SMAC rules.</p>

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    <p>If you have questions about anything at all that you don't want to ask in a post, you can hit View Conversation and send them- I might reply that I don't know, but I'll probably at least know who you should ask.</p>

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    <p>Hope there are many good strategy gaming discussions in your future.</p>