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  1. Caffeine doesn't work on people already addicted to it.
  2. ""beep... beep... beep... beep..." - Sputnik"
  3. My earliest memory of a computer in my house was a 486.
  4. US$19.99 here as well.
  5. I was in southern Queensland at the time (Gold Coast), and it wasn't as bad as predicted that far south of Marcia. There was concern that consecutive days might get up to 300mm of rain each, but the four days I was there combined didn't get that much.
  6. I had thought you were close enough to Melbourne that the temperatures in Ballarat, Mildura or Gippsland (etc) weren't relevant to this conversation.
  7. Where were they over 40? Because it wasn't in Melbourne. Those days were 38.8, 38.2 and 37.4 respectively.
  8. That's not unusual for inside a car in summer. We haven't had a day that hot outside yet this summer and hopefully we'll get through this year without changing that.
  9. If you want moral superiority from your search engine choice, then I recommend duckduckgo.com. They do none of the tracking and analysis of your searches that many other players do.
  10. If I ever go to Europe, I'm sure that'll be one of my destinations.
  11. I moved out at 22, but my twin still hasn't three years later.
  12. Yeah, that's not how it works.
  13. I see now. I had no idea what 'tatay' meant, and could only hazard a guess as to what 'nanay' meant. When in combination with the apparent creole phrasing of "Nanay say" (rather than the more English "Nanay says/said"), I was lost.
  14. I have no idea what you're on about.
  15. The "chipset industry" is working hard but has run into some unavoidable hurdles; in particular, the size of an atom and the size at which quantum fluctuations become a real hassle.
  16. Would have helped to embed it rather than just link it. I also just generally don't bother with videos on forums most of the time.
  17. As demonstrated by Abbott's dwindling rhetoric against Putin, he doesn't have the courage to make such a bold move unilaterally on the other side of the world.
  18. Not in Brisbane it isn't. Rare enough in summer; topping 38 degrees in November is almost unheard of.
  19. Better this than Brisbane's heatwave.
  20. Both.
  21. It looks, in part, at least a little something like this:
  22. Work at 5am Walk begins at 4am Leaves me quite tired.
  23. On the other hand, they managed the very rare thing of having a survivor of a blown up rocket.
  24. Science is not decided by the votes of amateurs.