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  1. Northern Queensland is currently sandwiched between category 4 Lam and category 5 Marcia. Prayers go out to them.


    I was in southern Queensland at the time (Gold Coast), and it wasn't as bad as predicted that far south of Marcia. There was concern that consecutive days might get up to 300mm of rain each, but the four days I was there combined didn't get that much.

  2. I think you have Kennetts disease. Melbourne != all of Victoria. For the week ending Jan 6th most of the state had a maximum high over 39c and a third over 42c.



    I had thought you were close enough to Melbourne that the temperatures in Ballarat, Mildura or Gippsland (etc) weren't relevant to this conversation.

  3. I hate giant, market dominators like Google. :mad: I use Yahoo's search engine, which is not quite as morally repugnant. This morning, I awoke to find that, during the night, my search engine had "magically" been switched over to Google. I didn't do it. :no: It took me about 5 minutes to remember how to switch it back.


    If you want moral superiority from your search engine choice, then I recommend duckduckgo.com. They do none of the tracking and analysis of your searches that many other players do.

  4. Our kids not listening to me (Tatay), but toeing the line with my wife (Nanay). I was wondering why that is. I thought that was clear enough. :)


    I see now. I had no idea what 'tatay' meant, and could only hazard a guess as to what 'nanay' meant. When in combination with the apparent creole phrasing of "Nanay say" (rather than the more English "Nanay says/said"), I was lost.