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  1. I'm quite happy with my Nexus 7. I've got the old model, my sister recently bought the new one. It's only a 7 inch screen, so maybe you want bigger, but spec-wise it is well ahead of its competition in the same price range. Its internal storage is either 16 or 32gb, and I don't come close to filling it, although I don't watch movies on it.
  2. You can also now set it so you go straight to the desktop when you log in. There are other changes, but that's all I specifically remember reading about.
  3. I don't think so. The main reason they accepted the bipartisan deal this time was because they knew the blame was going to be laid solely at their feet if they refused and the government defaulted. The Tea Party folk wanted the looming shutdown and default to pressure the Democrats, believing it was the only leverage they had, but the Democrats have proven that it is (at least) equally leverage against Republicans.
  4. I'm trying to explain it, not make excuses for it. I've never bought an Apple product before and I don't foresee doing so any time soon.
  5. Well Apple have put a fingerprint scanner on the 5S. That's something. I think the reason Apple don't stuff every feature they can into their phones is that it would cut into the profit margin, and they don't want to put any feature in unless the associated increase in sales is large enough to compensate for the increased cost. Samsung (and other Android phone makers) on the other hand, have a wider variety of phone models, and so can test the market with niche addons to see which actually have demand.
  6. Dressing room even when there is no space in there to get dressed (not walk-in)? Seems kinda odd to have something called a room when there is no expectation of ever standing in it.
  7. By any reasonable measure, no it doesn't matter what is right, and it matters even less who is right. I just like to know random stuff like this, including any differences in international usage. The sort of knowledge I collect is often very very trivial.
  8. And the built-in but not walk-in ones you would just call a "robe"? That doesn't sound quite right to me. EDIT: If wikipedia is to be believed, I'm following the British usage: "In current British usage, a "wardrobe" can also be built-in"
  9. I call it a wardrobe rather than a robe.
  10. You suggest what needs to be the result of change (an increase in federalism). Do you have any thoughts on how to encourage that? Because I'm thinking through existing democracies and federations, and the closest I can see to that is the existence of regional parties that often have secessionism as a major policy, such as Bloc Quebecois in Canada and Scottish National Party in the UK.
  11. The intention was for a system where politicians would have to agree from time to time to get things done, and any time there was general disagreement, then nothing would get done. I can accept that. But the inability to even get a budget passed, shows the government is completely dysfunctional. If the founders really wanted this degree of dysfunction, then they would have written the constitution as "We the people want anarchy." and stopped there. But no, the American constitution clearly delineates the powers of federal government, with the intention that the government will be able to carry out those roles. Here in Australia, we have a system where a dysfunctional government can be completely chucked out in hope that the people elect a new government that can agree; and not being able to pass a budget is a clear sign of dysfunction. The problem is that a system that wants division and deadlock is best suited to having at least three parties, if not four or five, while a first past the post presidential system is only capable of supporting two parties. The only reason why the system hasn't failed so thoroughly as it could have, and still might in about two weeks, is that it is not unthinkable for a party member to break with party lines and party policy. However in today's house of reps, the minority Tea Party faction in the republicans has scared Boehner into not letting the senate version of the budget even see if it could get passed anymore, because it probably would. The sane republicans remember that it did not reflect well on them the last time the government shut down, and Clinton went from a losing position to a solid win in the 1996 presidential election thanks to Republican intransigence.
  12. Hobbitland is another 2500km away.
  13. I must be missing something here. Why have those pumpkins been harvested/picked so small? EDIT: Also, Dale's right. It has been spring for three and a half weeks now.
  14. Which makes sense, since the endermen were based on slenderman. People who've added tentacles don't understand why slenderman is scary in the first place. He is supposed to look almost but not quite like a normal person. For one of knowyourmeme's most detailed articles, and certainly the most detailed I've ever read: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/slender-man It goes through the history a decent amount, although doesn't mention why tentacles have sometimes been added.
  15. Looks more like 90 Coalition, 55 Labor. Labor has won that one with a margin of around 300 votes. Clearly not as marginal as the seat of Fairfax, which has 36 votes between them before the recount.
  16. Have you considered that human action could be hiding the trend you think should be evident?
  17. The planet is big. Every model except snowball earth and runaway greenhouse has some areas cooling and some warming. The contention is the balance of the two, and to a lesser extent the specific changes in specific areas.
  18. Every previous government going back to WW2 has been happy to place the responsibilities of refugee and asylum seeker policy in the hands of the Minister for Immigration. It has also usually been rolled in with multicultural affairs or ethnic affairs. Abbott was the first to introduce border protection to the title. Looking through the history of the tourism minister, in its 30 years of continuous existence and its earlier ten years, it was only combined with the industry portfolio in the period from 96 to 98. 10 prime ministers thought it should be separate, plus Howard who initially combined it and then separated it again.
  19. And border protection isn't foreign affairs? And what about domestic tourism, because that's worth promoting too. Most of the science portfolio falling to the industry portfolio sends the clear message that science is only worth anything if it is profitable. That's not how science should work.
  20. No minister of science for the first time in 80 years though. And a friend of mine found the juxtaposition interesting of no longer having a tourism portfolio but now having a border protection portfolio.
  21. Dragging it up a little; I found this on the internet just now:
  22. Oh, and Nickelback.
  23. Justin Bieber is at least in the same ballpark.
  24. Celine Dion is one of the worst things to ever come out of Canada. Thankfully, she went back.
  25. Maybe they're trying to avoid the trend that the first opposition leader after a lost election won't become PM (last happened for the opposition following the 1913 election). After all, their first opposition leader may well be none at all...