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  1. I've spotted it in the news every now and then. Last I saw, it looked like it would fall short of 50% needed for independence. The sort of news I see on it is key figures (such as David Cameron) stating their opinions and what they think the ramifications will be. I think a split would be interesting, but not in the best interests of Scotland.
  2. The referendum has two questions; one asking if Crimea should become part of Russia, and the other asking if Crimea should revert to a version of their constitution (from 1992) that gave them more autonomy. If either question gets a majority 'yes' answer, then Russia gets what they want, which is freer access to their own navy in the Black Sea. I would be very surprised if neither of those possibilities pass, and when they pass, EU countries will take the opportunity to tone down rhetoric. It would take Russia invading a region that is not majority Russian speakers to provoke any plausible chance of war from NATO.
  3. I said it didn't matter if the vote was BS because Europe don't want to invade. Russia might try to tweak the numbers, but I honestly think the referendum will pass with or without rigging it.
  4. So you're saying that NATO will invade if Crimea votes in favour of Russia, because it wouldn't be the result NATO wants? It wouldn't be the first time the US has ignored the democratic process of another country, but I don't think it'll happen here.
  5. Doesn't matter if it is free or fair. There is enough disincentive in the EU for war that so long as the rights violations and vote manipulations aren't too blatant, that the EU will likely accept the result.
  6. Crimea is due to have a referendum in just over a week on whether to join the Russian Federation. I expect this will calm things internationally once it is done, but Ukrainian conditions are likely to remain tense.
  7. It leaves the west just letting Russia do pretty much what it likes there. Maybe some posturing, grandstanding and on a slim chance, funding; but always short of direct military intervention. Ukraine has always been in Russia's sphere of influence, so I don't see NATO pressuring too hard for something better than political status quo.
  8. I don't think we're going to see conventional warfare between the west and Russia, and certainly not nuclear warfare.
  9. War between Ukraine and Russia is looking probable, given that Russia has now officially approved military intervention, although the unlabelled forces that seized control of Crimea recently are still not claimed by Russia. I anticipate Russia's forces moving in and the unlabelled forces quietly putting Russian uniforms back on. I don't expect this conflict to escalate further than bilateral, given the words used by western nations to criticise Russia's actions. It may however, harm diplomatic relations between the US and Russia, including any further attempts at nuclear disarmament agreements.
  10. Hmm, there's an interesting test of my knowledge. Just from memory, every unicorn canonically named: Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Lyra Heartstrings, Sweetie Belle, Vinyl "DJ PON3" Scratch, Fancy Pants, Fleur Dis Lee, Flim, Flam, King Sombra, Trixie Lulamoon, Sunset Shimmer. I then went to look up who I missed, and I'm kinda embarrassed for myself with some of the obvious ones (of which I don't really expect anyone here to have heard of any of them unless they have a daughter interested in the toys, and even then only Shining Armor is worth mentioning).
  11. I keep reading this as though it were a My Little Pony reference, but it doesn't fit (Spike is a dragon, not a unicorn) and I know anyone but me making such a reference is highly unlikely.
  12. A virus seems unlikely. Viruses rarely bother with something as benign as clearing cookies.
  13. What were the circumstances of the message's appearance; did it pop up as soon as you opened the browser?
  14. Silly Lancer, you know you can't take moderator action against yourself. You are a biased party.
  15. Yes, it was 43 degrees... In Melbourne. Near Sale, it was only 34.
  16. Ah, lets see... Rosedale, Victoria had just two days over 40 that year (1st Feb, 8th Feb), assuming it wasn't more than 5 degrees hotter than Sale Airport roughly 35km away. The 15th was third hottest at 35 degree while Ash Wednesday (16th Feb) was just 34 degrees.
  17. I only know it did because I looked it up. It didn't rain for me.
  18. I wasn't alive for that one. My oldest brother on the other hand was born on the day of the Ash Wednesday fires. But you remember 1983 more poorly than you think unless you were living far enough out of Melbourne that temperatures were more than 5 degrees higher than in the city. That February only had three days over 40, with no two in the same week (1st, 8th, 16th) In few areas, but not more than a millimetre or two where it did.
  19. Or Feb. The stats say we have an average of 1.5 days over 40 every year. I can't remember the last time it was that few, and I'm pretty sure it has been at least two days over 40 almost every summer of my life.
  20. Gonna rain somewhere on Friday, but it doesn't look like it will in Melbourne. BoM is predicting a dry cool change on Friday, with only a chance of light showers on Saturday.
  21. I've been holidaying in southern Queensland for the past week, so I haven't even had the cold summer Dale mentioned, let alone this Arctic vortex stuff you Americans are experiencing. I sweltered through the hottest day Noosa has ever had (40+ celcius). It is nice to get home to these modest temperatures in the mid 20s; too bad it is due to heat up over the weekend.
  22. He always uses the 20th century as a reference point unless otherwise stated. Not just in this topic, but in all topics on this forum that have looked at climate change. EDIT: Think of it this way. The prevailing view is that over the course of the 20th century, and especially the later half, temperatures have been rising on average and this rising has been significantly influenced by human actions. To this, Lancer says it was changes with the sun that did the majority of the work, and that recent and future changes will reverse this warming and then some. To say we are going from warming to cooling, can only make sense looking at the 20th century as the point of reference.
  23. Lancer claims the evidence of cooling is irrefutable and uses weather this year as evidence, but he is using the 20th century as a reference point. Therefore comparing actual temperature records between this year and that of the 20th century is not stupid.
  24. All that apparent cold but this year was still hotter than every year of the 20th century. (bar '98?)