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  1. There are many things that are done better by a capable government than by a corporate body, especially if the goal is to help all the public and not just the ones who can afford it. Education, emergency services (including hospitals), prisons, and (sometimes) utilities are the first that come to mind.
  2. I'm seeing 27K gross, 11K expenses, 10K left over, which leaves 6K tax. That's roughly 22% tax on a salary of (equivalent) US$54 000 p.a. Americans wouldn't get taxed that much until about $200 000 per year, but Norwegians enjoy the benefits of a stronger public service sector.
  3. I was of the understanding that picking up radio waves was still plausible as far as 30 light years.
  4. When the non-broadband option was 56k dialup, yeah they might.
  5. The definition in Australia is iirc 256kbps, although I don't think it's possible to get a connection with a maximum speed that slow any more. Although there is probably a tiny number of people still on connections that slow or slower.
  6. I think in Europe they decided that it is. I recall something along those lines.
  7. I've experienced a few dying forums, and I've found the least effective thing to do is to publicly ask why it is dying.
  8. As the article states, insecticides are not likely to blame because those same insecticides are used in Australia, where we don't have the same problems found in the US and Europe.
  9. There is no way for the English to prevent it entirely, especially if the Scot's create their own currency pegged at 1:1 along with it. The English can easily say that they won't be shipping large amounts of currency into Scotland for use as currency, but to the extent the Scots have it in the country already it won't be stoppable. Extreme case, but the first that came to mind: Consider Zimbabwe, where the current currency used by the government is the US dollar, but I highly doubt USA has formally approved that.
  10. Economic stability would come from consistency in policies. While the pro-independence Scots will want to change some things just to make a point of difference, it would be to the economic benefit of the new country to change as little as possible economically, at least at first. Keep the same minimum wage, accept the Pound as legal tender, tie any new currency to the Pound unless migrating to the Euro, try to join at least most of the same European trade agreements, etc.
  11. I think Dale might have already done the conversion and I doubled up on it, because what I've read more recently said it was a cat4 when it made landfall.
  12. Not as bad as you might think. The Australian scale ramps up quicker than the American one (although I'm not sure what scale is used in the Philippines). While slightly differing measurement methods mean an direct comparison is not completely accurate, an Australian category 2 is less than an American category 1.
  13. I'm hoping for Railroad Tycoon 4. Perhaps that doesn't quite fit AAA, however.
  14. Also the subject of a Tim Minchin song: [video=youtube_share;HhGuXCuDb1U]
  15. No, this time the debris has been confirmed by direct sight, not just days old satellite pictures. The location is known and real.
  16. Then either we aren't looking in the right places or there wasn't an ocean landing.
  17. Yes, assuming an ocean landing, there should be debris.
  18. There are reasonable theories that say the passengers lost consciousness due to pressure problems.
  19. I didn't personally serve, no, but much of my mother's side of the family were in the air force at some point, and some of them still are.
  20. I was not nearly as offended as you. The only comment I thought to make was that the descriptions sounded more like the New Zealand military. And I have no problem with Tasmania or kangaroo jokes either, no matter who they're from.
  21. I think the solution is to marry someone who also likes board games.
  22. Zoo hypothesis crossed with SETI's methods are flawed. If someone were trying to pick up signs of intelligent life on Earth using the same methods we use to find life elsewhere, they would most likely not find us. The radio waves we send out only last a few dozen light years, and we are actually sending out less than we were 40 years ago because we are less wasteful. If aliens out there are listening for radio waves, they have a band of around 50-100 years to listen for a signal, so long as they are within around 50 light years of us. If we assume that we are typical in our progression of intelligent life, then we are in turn listening for radio waves from a civilisation of similar technological development to ourselves because anyone more advanced isn't sending out any waves. Those more advanced aliens are then choosing not to interfere with us, assuming they even know we are here (they may have long since stopping listening for radio waves).
  23. That shows the record cold temperatures. Looking at the record warm temperatures would produce a list of increasing temperatures. This list alone says nothing either way about climate change, although with more data you could look at whether one set of records or the other is becoming more frequently updated over time.
  24. If you need precision, you're not likely to use terms like "metric room" in the first place.