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  1. I'm reading both this thread and the CFC one, and from what I see, your evidence has been summarily refuted. The oceans have not stopped warming, with people posting graphs and even your own links to agree with that. You two use the CFC thread to post evidence that is either flimsy or doesn't back up your assertion, and this thread to congratulate yourselves on a job well done while having a laugh at your inability to convince anyone.
  2. Sorry, not this time, but I just wanted to post that sooner rather than later and this was the first tangentially related topic here for a video like this since I first saw it.
  3. Australia still gets the price in USD, but our prices are frequently higher than American prices. Worst of both worlds.
  4. If Westminster follows through on their promises, then it will be decades before Scotland gets enough momentum to try again. Otherwise, I expect Scotland will start ramping up again before the decade is out.
  5. Dogs. One of several reasons why I will never be a delivery guy.
  6. The important thing to know for this case is that Australian consumer law guarantees the right to a refund if goods or services are faulty or substantially different from advertised. Valve does not always allow this, and their EULA only has token gestures to "local laws".
  7. [video=youtube_share;_m4DDkMfol0] I like this one (and I like it more than the original).
  8. "Gooder English" Are you being intentionally ironic?
  9. Why code a game when you could game a code? Wait, what? http://codecombat.com/ It can teach the basics of much of the logic required for coding (functions, ifs, loops, etc.), but it isn't much good for learning an entire language.
  10. The article I saw on Gordon Brown said he is having a greater impact on voters not just because he's being more constructive about it, but also because he was far better liked in Scotland than by the English. That even after he left Downing Street, he was still well liked by Scots.
  11. She believes what she says, albeit perhaps in a slightly less exaggerated form. She also apparently combines unrelated grievances in some sort of bizarre irrational connection. Because really, what does the metric system have to do with soccer?
  12. And about as appropriate for children as pole dancing...
  13. With the way they're branded you'd think they were cheerleaders for Hogs Breath rather than a sports team.
  14. Dale's video there is of Rugby. They often do have cheerleaders.
  15. I'd go with the truth.
  16. AFL (aussie rules) got rid of them in the 80s and 90s. Having cheerleaders denigrates women and sends the wrong message to young sports fans about the appropriateness of objectifying women.
  17. Rugby is known as football to almost half of Australia, and I'm pretty sure the clear majority of New Zealand. For the rest of Australia, including myself, football is Australian Rules. . There are three sports I happily accept as being called 'football': Aussie Rules, Soccer, and Gaelic football. All involve a lot of foot connecting to ball. There is one sport I think is a mockery to the word 'football': American football (and associated sports like Canadian football). So much is it not football, that I knew it better as gridiron for the majority of my life. Rugby, I'm a bit on the fence about; there's kicking, but not a lot. If I'm talking to an American I usually count it as football, but anyone else I usually don't.
  18. Nah, cos if your guys always want to stop play every time the ball touches the ground or the wrong guy gets knocked down, it shows that they don't have the endurance for a real contest.
  19. Like when that Brazilian guy fell over and was rewarded for it.
  20. The inspiration to create the competition was Beyond Earth, but that need not have anything to do with your entry.
  21. Britain might say they can't use the pound, but I would love to know how they could possibly enforce that.
  22. I'm not sure about other countries, but the Australian constitution is about 50% 'how to transition to being our own nation after British rule'. The Scots might do something similar, although the circumstances are different because the UK are less friendly about the Scots breaking away than they were about Australia and the changes in degrees of autonomy are quite different.
  23. I was hedging my bets and explaining fully so that neither side would remain confused. Either that, or both sides would think I was agreeing with them.
  24. The Scots have their own parliament and are part of the UK parliament. In American terms, that would be similar to you voting at the state level and the national level. This is not unusual for a federal system (although the UK is not a fully federal system). That's an entire layer of government that the Scots would have to take over from.