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  1. That non-goal made me sad, but compare each club's recent history and I feel a little better. Hawthorn won last year, while Carlton hasn't seen a final in almost a decade. 2009 seems like a good year to me.
  2. The topic says world football, so Dale and I assumed the topic creator was talking about different types of football from all over the world.
  3. I've got a little something: I've still got the original layered GIMP file, so if planets or the title need rearranging, that isn't hard to do. EDIT: I made it so big because those are the original sizes of the planet images. They can be shrunk if/when needed. Also:
  4. Yeah, you're sucking this year, but at least Carlton is doing well.
  5. Apolyton
  6. By day' date=' I am a mild mannered [s']reporter[/s] games student. By night, I am SUPERMAN! the sort of guy who totally screws up quotes. I go by PiMan or Pi on the internet an sometimes IRL, or if PiMan is taken, OriginalPiMan.
  7. Hi, you may remember me from such forums as; CFC Off Topic, and CFC CivIV:Col mod forums (Maybe even CFC CivRev too). Or such modcast spotlights as; 29 "Penal Colony". As with any new site, I'll have to see where this goes in order to decide whether to stick around.