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  1. Long live to Maniac, Mighty Ruler of Flandre. May His Kingdom be as Bright as Charles one!
  2. Glad everyone's Ok with Maniac as substitute. I tell him my password.
  3. Sorry, it's hard to find. I can only think to Maniac as people I already know, but he played a few turns of Geo's Germans. So I'm not sure he's entitled to play another position. If you agree, I'll ask him.
  4. Friends, I apologize, but I'm now without computer at home. I don't plan to buy another one, so I won't be able to play anymore. I'm really sorry.
  5. Save sent to Zargon.
  6. I woke too late to play this morning, I will play after office.
  7. Thought I had posted here. Well save to Zargon.
  8. Zargon.
  9. Awaken. Save following the May Flower.
  10. Too tired to play now, will do when awaken.
  11. Zargon.
  12. Zargon.
  13. Then west.
  14. Sailing through the Ocean.
  15. Zargon.