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  1. OK, let him thank you on his behalf: wow. this was an incredibly detailed and well illustrated aar...i spent nearly two hours going through it...it was like playing the game. thank you. thank you very much. i am still playing civ iv....almost done with the mod i downloaded, although it plays exactly like reg civ iv....i do not see anything unique in it. <snip> i am going to go look for a really good and unique mod next.....in the meantime, ya'all enjoy civ v -- despite some grumblings in the diplo arena from the guy who wrote the post, it looks ever so fascinating.....but, sigh, no movies for wonders....damn....seems like they could have just ported them over even..... -- Mark McL
  2. Hey, nice to see you too. Civ V brought me back from Fallout 3, and it's just as well that it came out before New Vegas, I was probably about to burn out there anyway. I guess I went from Civ/Rev to Fallout 3, so I haven't been gone *that* long.
  3. I can confirm that you pay for any road within your borders, leading to "deconstruction" in captured lands!
  4. I've seen contradictory advice about this, with some saying "if you build it, you pay for it, even if it's outside your border." What's the skinny?
  5. Locutus, that was one of the best AARs I've ever seen, and certainly the most detailed. My compliments on tremendous effort on your part to give back to the community. Now I have the perfect use for it: I have a very good friend who can't play Civ V until he gets a new computer in the spring, but I know he appreciates playing vicariously. Let me thank you on his behalf, you will have his gratitude. And thank you, I learned a lot myself. My culture win was done the easy way: India with two cities on an archipelago map. Just now I'm trying to get the hang of the rifle slingshot, one of those "fun once" strategies that's probably too much of an exploit to repeat. Oh, and regarding your changes of policy branch, you're an anarchist from way back, aren't you?
  6. The same inability to cope applies against peaceful strategies too. I just used the "taking candy from a baby" strat of playing India with--in my case--two cities and going for the Cultural victory. I didn't fire a shot, except against barbarians. It might be considerably more challenging on a pangea map.
  7. Hi Locutus, long time no see... This may never come up for me, but if you switch (say) from Piety to Rationalism, can you ever go back, and if so do you regain the policies that you once had?