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  1. I started playing Civ3 again not too long ago. It depends on how I'm wanting to play, but in general, my favorites (original game only, no expansions) are the Babylonians, the Japanese, and the Americans. The Babylonians are great because of how quickly they can get their culture buildings up and running; it really does give me an edge. Bowman zerging isn't a bad early strategy, either; grab some land early on, and then let the cultural advantage build up. The Japanese are my favorite conquest civ. Religious enables me to swap between Monarchy and Republic repeatedly, allowing me to switch between peace and war fluidly. Samurai are an exceptional unit at just the right time, I'm thinking. The Americans don't have a very good unit, by any means. But expansionist/industrious allows for a very effective settler/worker zerg strategy. Grab all the best spots first thing, link them together with roads quickly, get everything up and running; it's fun. The Greeks are another favorite, but I think I may have overplayed them.
  2. <p>Say, I see you browwsing the CivIII forum. If you were to post there once in a while, I'd be greatful...</p>

  3. Drags his lazy carcass in, seats himself at the counter, and grunts, "Coffee."
  4. I'm not sure exactly what there is to spoil, really. This scenario seems another case of creator brutality. ^_^' I'm only just able to beat Transcend as it is, so this situation where everybody works together against me is a bit beyond my abilities. Still, expect a submission from me. My "endgame" will simply be me being wiped out.
  5. Right now, I'm playing the June game, but it's a simple enough scenario, so I'll definitely have it ready. Maybe once I hit the first market (2150), I'll get that done, and let you know. I just came back to SMAC after a diversion into Elder Scrolls games (like... all of them...).
  6. To crawl, or not to crawl, that is the question. Consider first the static benefits of crawling necessary nutrients and minerals, and converting the population to specialists. Compare what you are getting having your citizens work the land directly, to what you could be getting if some or all of your nutrients and minerals were being crawled. On the one hand, you'll miss out on the multiple benefits a unit of population can derive from a square (particularly forest: 1 nut, 2 min, 1/2 energy). On the other hand, in addition to minerals and nuts on specialized squares (farm/condensor combos instead of farm/solar combos), you'll get the benefits of the specialists: 3 labs or energy. On top of that, if you're not running Free Market, the benefit is even greater, since specialist productivity is the same regardless of what kind of economy you're running. However, you also have to consider the value of the time lost building crawlers instead of something else. Your cities could be building more buildings, or military units, or whatever. This, I am thinking, is much more difficult to calculate. Now I'm itching to play again. :)
  7. I'd call it the forums' second kerfluffle (or perhaps an extension of the first?). And may I suggest that such matters be handled either publicly, OR privately, in the future? Those of you condeming Jack's action as "immature" don't know the dirty underground of PM-passing that seems to underly the community at the moment. Crap is leaking all over the place, disrupting games, even into my own PM boxes... and I don't even have anything to do with any of it! I understand Jack's action. At this point, he couldn't know WHO is saying WHAT about him behind his back, so if he wants to correct the record, it's gotta be done publicly.
  8. It's times like this I'm glad that Jack Thompson is the worst US gamers have to deal with.
  9. Um... what does your post have to do with giant lizard movies?
  10. The irony is that the video for the Citizen's Defense Force, which provides perimeter defenses (and therefore no new defenses against psi units) features an incident where mind worms overwhelmed a community's perimeter.
  11. Radio Ga-Ga [nomedia=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBUr1pSWTVI]YouTube - Queen - Radio Ga-Ga [HQ][/nomedia]
  12. This thread done choked Firefox for a bit... and then all the videos disappeared! On the first page. Second page seems to work. Anyhow, without further ado... And, a random Akino Arai track:
  13. A few weeks ago, I was having a problem with my RSSes loading properly on my iGoogle home page. That problem seems to have cleared up, though.
  14. Okay, you get to be a shaman that ingests massive amounts of hallucinogens. Satisfied?
  15. Me, I wants me an INVISIBLE SANDWICH. Hmm... who would save the day in the event of an attack by Giant Ronald MacDonald?