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  1. Tokio Hotel - Scream
  2. ...with added flavors of breathless, dizzy, giggly, awestruck, immensely chuffed, and every so often pinching myself to make sure it's all real. At times I almost feel drunk, it's so intense. I'm sure plenty of WPCers can remember this spell of time from their own experience.
  3. Thanks for the well wishes! With two jobs, a new house, and a ring on the hand, I live in interesting (if very busy) times!
  4. I'm sorry, I know I volunteered for several scenarios, but there have been changes aplenty in recent weeks. (New job, new fiancé, new house.) I'm going to have to defer to somebody else and get back when I can, if ever. Good luck to all!
  5. This song ("Jizz In My Pants") is a pretty old one and I've posted it before but it's necessary to understand the following song. Now that we're familiar with Jizz In My Pants, here's the video response to it. It's a video by, a company that apparently specializes in fancy-seeming but cheap decoy engagement rings for a woman to wear while she's clubbing to avoid uncouth suitors who can't take a hint that she's not interested. I've never owned one but it may be more of an issue of timing rather than necessity Puke In My Mouth
  6. The device seems more like something you'd attach to a space object before you launch it. The sort of preemptive measure a rational agency would take. It doesn't seem like a measure for removing the space debris currently up there (which to be fair isn't that much - we're still some ways off from a Kessler syndrome scenario). BBC News ran a story about how there is no slowdown observed in the Gulf Stream over the past decade or so. Plenty of short term variations, but so far in the long run we seem to be okay. Fingers crossed...
  7. Sadly true. The gay roommate has been supplanted by a straight fiancé. There will be no stories about him.
  8. I'm moving out this weekend. I was talking to a lawschool friend and said "My gay roommate will no longer be my gay roommate after this weekend." She said: "Good luck with that. Let me know if you need any help. Sometimes it can take two women to turn a guy straight." MLIB
  9. I guess the main obstacle to wind power is space use. If you have high pop density, then the space could be used for housing etc. But in a place that's got a high area-to-population ratio, you have better economics favoring wind power. Australia also apparently has a decent amount of uranium, which lends itself well to nuclear power. I don't know if that counts as a renewable source though. Might just be a "very long lasting but unrenewable" source.
  10. A second BBC piece (same journalist) looks at investment in clean energy. China leads in raw dollars thrown at the problem, and appears to be well ahead of its 30GW by 2020 goal... but this must be taken with a pinch of salt: its appetite for fossil fuels is still growing especially in the rural areas where 90% of its population lives. In terms of growth of investment, South Korea comes first. Most of the investment has been in wind energy, but some European countries have invested mostly in solar - Spain, Germany, Italy, and unsurprisingly not Britain.
  11. I was about to say, it seems strange North Korea would buy uranium from anybody, given that it's one of the very few natural resources they possess in decent quantities. And in any case, if Australia didn't sell weapons to China they'd just get theirs from Russia or Israel.
  12. I had this conversation with my gay roommate last night. We were talking about evolution. GR: So there's a theory that early humans evolved abstract thought as a way of hunting animals. Humans had to be able to think like their prey in order to choose the right route for a successful pursuit. AC: Hmm. So I guess any humans that had mastered agriculture would be completely hosed then, because they would never evolve beyond the abstract thought needed to think like a potato. MLIB
  13. I survived it and I was halfway around the world
  14. If you apply Bush's thinking, then you could go in, knock over their government, and install a Western-style democracy with strong cultural and political ties to the West. ... ...waitaminute...
  15. Unprecedented tree planting by China, and tree preservation by Brazil, have slowed the rate of deforestation over the past decade: "only" 5.2 M ha lost 2000-2010, compared to 8.3 M from 1990-2000. China's program to plant new trees is currently slated to conclude in 2020. Hopefully the government will extend it beyond then.