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  1. Merry Christmas everybody! Hope your holidays are going well. :)
  2. Interesting. Thanks for the review, Zkribbler.
  3. I guess this is where I go to complain about Poly moderation. *sigh*. I should have learned from the emperor having no clothes.
  4. And 2 Alec Guinness pictures! :)
  5. Nah, it's the difference between being evil and good.
  6. Ok, that's a big difference then. I've ran into that myself... Folks not knowing the color spectrum.
  7. Spying on the Civ4 demogamers again Sommers?
  8. Arnelos is recommending Thomas Sowell? Wow. My estimation of him went way up. :)
  9. You mean they don't teach about the analemma? I learnt that when I was small. I have a granny who was an ancient schoolteacher who had a globe of the world and taught me that when I asked about that funny little circular thingy on the globe. I don't see how physics majors can be so ignorant on geography, but then I was a strange physics major myself. All of the major geographical advances were done by physicists and astronomers in particular...
  10. Want to wish the WPCers good luck!
  11. People complained to him about my posts here. I like Nikolai, and he shouldn't be getting complaints for my behaviour. It's not fair to him.
  12. Hi, Nikolai has been getting some flack, and since I don't value talking to the the rest of you over at WPC as much as I value him and his friendship, I'm not going to post here anymore. Peace out. Sean
  13. And, with zero surprise to anyone with brains, the Newt Gingrich campaign goes 0-5, but does manage one second place in Delaware. I lose my bet with a Gingrich supporter.
  14. Arnelos, it's exactly what you said earlier, Romney will say whatever he believes you want to hear.
  15. Obama posted a pic of him eating Dogs? What a gaffe.