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  1. I agree. Whenever I get Saladin on random I restart. Just can't stand playing him.
  2. Yes, please.
  3. The first one I use to make a super medic and also to get a lvl 4 unit for HE. After that I will settle in my HE city and possibly later on in my naval city for experienced naval units.
  4. The game looks really cool. I'm going to try it out for sure. Good luck with it. I hope it gets popular for you.
  5. I agree. Especially get rid of the corny sayings of some of the leaders. ie. Caesar and his salad quip.
  6. I hate when you download a patch and it wrecks your install. I just re-install the game from scratch. Don't know if that will work in your case.
  7. Blue Marble is a must have IMO. At the moment I'm using Varietas Delectat. I like it well enough.
  8. I like the mods. I would like to see some kind of "Modding Academy" to teach beginners how to mod things. Maybe a series of articles or something.
  9. I always try to finish a Wonder with my Great Engineers. If there is not one available at the time, or it is a relatively weak Wonder, I'll sometimes settle him in a city somewhere. Still other times I might save him if something like Ironworks is coming on line soon. Rarely will I bulb tech with an Engineer. Is that wrong? What are some good strategies for your Great People? Engineers in particular, but also Scientists and Prophets.
  10. I was always amazed at the amount of points that some players would get when posting their games to the Hall of Fame and whatnot. I wondered how they could accumulate so many points, when I played right till the end and only manage a few thousand. Then I figured out you probably get huge points for winning early, like in BC. Is this correct? Is there anywhere that the criteria for points is spelled out? If so then I guess I don't play to win early. I always try to win the space race or be the top civ at the "end of time." I'll never have those huge scores.
  11. I like Germany and Rome for most of my games. Sometimes France or England.
  12. The thinking was that the 'we' in WePlayCiv is the world. As in "the world plays civ." And, no, I didn't originate that world logo but it is not copyrighted or anything. It is public domain to be used how anyone wishes.
  13. I feel that with lower beginning thresholds, new members will be drawn into the community faster, instead of being labeled a 'newbie' or 'settler' for a long period of time. Anyway, that's just my opinion.
  14. When I heard who was starting this forum, I had to join. I knew there would good stuff going on. You have to follow the talent.
  15. Just because I don't post when I don't have anything to say doesn't mean I'm not active. If I'm reading threads on the site, is that not active? Posting is not the sole gauge of activity.