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  1. Indeed. But many MMOs that do not have some sort of auto arranged matchmaking have that. Most MMOs players are not always equal. Either it is by gear and level (WoW), skillpoints (Eve Online) or in a Civ case, tech. And... let's face it, many folks get jollies from griefing underpowered players and will pay for that ego boost. It is also the reason I do 4x games. At least if I fail, I can try to learn strategy. Everybody in a MP 4x game is somewhat equal barring horrid start locations. Skill matters. (not saying Eve or WoW needs no skill, but 4x is a bit fairer about it and you can be on equal footing with the big boys from day one without spending forever and a day grinding. Winning against the big boys is another thing entirely.) Unless..... you were to make a spore like universe with thousands and thousands of planets and do this with an Alpha Centauri sequel instead. You die and you get a new colony pod to another planet. We could also have more type planets than Planet in SMAX or Earthlike. Moons and Mars-like would be game, too. Imagine just reconfiguring each pod on a point buy system starting facilities based on where you start. Now that would be something.
  2. I deal with an entry level laptop and can not really afford a real beast of a system. I have been holding off because I read that Civ 5 would crush my laptop.. (Intel Celeron B900 Dual Core/ Intel HD graphics 4GB memory). That said, the new changes have peeked my interest. I personally liked the religion system of Civ 4. The ability to buy hexes that came originally with Civ 5 sounds like it could really jazz up city micromanagement.
  3. Just out of curiosity, is there some kind of way to mod the diplomacy screen in SMAX to put these in? Maybe animated? It would be kind of cool to have Civ 4 style 3Dish leader animations. Not sure how it could be modded to adjust for leader attitudes. Santiago smiling when she is cool with you or round house kicking you when mad ala Catherine or Gilgamesh in Civ 4 would be just too cool.
  4. Micro has always been a part of the Civ style games. Folks that do not like depth or want zone-out games with little thought do not want 4x games. They run from them. More in depth would be really great, but as I said, it is really a niche market. I love chess on steroids. Even back in my old bnet cesspool days (hell, bnet is still a cesspool only slightly less putrid and full of fecal matter than Xbox Live... what am I thinking) of RTS wargames like Warcraft 3 and Star Craft, a good player was said to have "good micro" because most AIs left to it's own devices may not make the most intelligent choice. Now, my only deal with SMAC/X is what I call "pop-up hell". This lower realm of the abyss resides mostly on larger map games. I might be really interested in some major ass whipping happening on one part of a map, but the game insists I pay attention to some drone riots on a totally different part. Or even more annoying, the pop up blocks a message like someone declaring vendetta on someone else that is nice to know (yeah... I can check comlink, but still). Do not get me wrong, I want the popup ups and love to tweak cities. Hell, a big empire on a large map I probably do need something screaming at me "Fix this" or I could forget! But, can this wait till after curb stomping happy joy time? On a related note, I wish it would not insist I work with some former when I am thinking about my air force. Wish there was a way to set these priorities instead of a toggle pop ups on/off. Unless I am unaware of some setting. IE: base pop ups last, all air units first, then land units, then formers last.
  5. My daughter plays tons of WoW, but never had the patience for the turn-based stuff. I guess it is an acquired taste. She did dabble in some RTS games like the Age of Empire series. Good Luck on that. These modern FPS games are starting to look like movies. Hard for a brain game like Civ to compete with instantly gratification gun fights and headshots!
  6. I wonder if my aging rig is going to be able to handle this. Almost all newer releases are using Physx graphics engines that need dual cores and Nvidia 8 series cards or better. If you do not have this, It does not use your graphics card but throws everything on your CPU, making certain games play at 2 FPS and near unplayable even at lowest settings. Time to look on Tiger Direct for a new construction project. But, everything I have seen looks of awesomeness. I just wish the Civ series would handle space race and space-based units like satellites, space stations, and solar system exploration a bit more realistically. It makes no sense just to land on the moon then beeline to the Alpha Centauri System. Also, spy satellites should fog of war bust and you should be able to destroy sats with missiles. But, then again, these are just minor gripes :) I read a lot over on forums and

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  8. Now we are talking a REAL useful mod... not just another "add a weird faction" or niche total conversion mod. Something that adds cool gameplay! I mentioned on another forum that I would love this. (I lurk sites like this and hardly ever post - but more than 7 factions is enough to bring me out of seclusion!!!) One of SMAC's MAIN weaknesses is the 7 faction cap. While most PBEM and multiplayer fanatics thrive on small, well balanced maps, the single player folks prefer and epic sandbox experience with extremely large maps and tons of AI opponents. I can see the point with the Cyborg/ University imbalance, but for many of us single player guys that love epic, long, huge battles I think it is a fair trade off. My question is this: To do something like that wouldn't someone have to have access to the source code some kind of way? How hard would something like that be to do to mod in extra space in the council vote pop up or the faction dominance graph? The faction select screen would have to be changed, too. This and a Blue Marble style graphics modpack (if one even exists for SMAC/X) would make this already addictive game godlike in epicness. It makes me get information on what would need to be known to make this a reality. (Wish I continued with programming past my days of Commodore 64 BASIC, lol)