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  1. I only dipped in hotseat multiplayer. And my 'opponent' only bought the game for himself last month, so don't know.
  2. Not really. Atm I'm just using a cosmetic one changing the color palette to a snowy landscape in combination with the fungal forests. The author replaced the lush set with it. Fits well when playing with the taigan mapscript, or the freebie ice mapscript released for those registering with My2K. At some point I'll likely use Ryika's mod fixing the Quest bugs.
  3. Yep, still play it. Looking more to interesting mods then I ever did for CiV though.
  4. Think of it as a sort of credit card payment?
  5. I'll probably be in the area 2 years from now.
  6. When was that last physical? A year ago?
  7. It wasn't me tellin' 'm that, Dale!
  8. Congratulations, Arnelos. When can we expect his first post?
  9. U!
  10. Oh, but intelligent aliens were met at Jinx before that.
  11. Or "Plateau", "Jinx", "Wunderland", or "We Made It".
  12. :b:²
  13. The 'office' closes at night? No nightstaff to keep an eye on their networks? or, are Philippine network nodes perhaps solar-powered or what?
  14. I only read a few bits of it, but its hilarious.
  15. Missed out on a smelly affair? Are campsites in your area that crowded during summer there's a need to make a reservation?