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  1. I don't want to meet you anywhere if I have to collect evidence from the future to make a case.
  2. I made mention earlier of that creationist guy offering his cashmoney prize to someone showing him one species that turns into another species. You show him any fossil/molecular evidence and he says you weren't there to see it or that there are missing links. You show him a modern species forming a reproductive barrier in itself and he says that no real change has occurred, no new species has actually arisen. The guy actually wants you to show him fish --> penguins within his lifetime. I think the analogy is even more appropriate now. The question is rigged.
  3. wait wait wait wait Wait. Are... Are you asking me... to support a claim about a thing in the future... using evidence collected in the past... without using a projection? Come on man, I thought we were doing sincerity here.
  4. Wow lancer, getting a little heavy handed here. I'm not sure what could be construed as insincere about acknowledging the large body of scientific literature about small, slow, ongoing changes in a chaotic system that is difficult to measure and asking for a single paper to constitute final proof. Can we also get a ruling on asking people to commit suicide?
  5. I dont know Lancer, how many wars has China started recently? How many do you need to start before you are aggressive? How many nations is China carrying out drone strikes in?
  6. Its just another instance of the US feeling thats its above international laws and treaties while feeling able to hold others to those standards.
  7. Not the post I had in mind, but a sufficiently similar sentiment and I'm not going digging further. No Dale, I don't think we should go to CFC, thats still a videogames forum. I also don't think I should be the one conversing because I'm not a particularly good educator and nor am I an expert on it. While I hold scientific qualifications, they're not in the relevent field. Basically, I don't think you're sincere, you're just looking for people to argue with IN A VIDEOGAMES FORUM as they're easier targets to score points off of and declare yourself victorious. If you are sincere, then seek out someone qualified and willing.
  8. No, really, irrelevent of its factuality, you've said that the policy decisions that will be made by the "warmistas" (a non-anglophone suffix that evokes leftism! genius.) are intended to cause genocide. Thats pretty much the worst personal attack you could make but its such a huge thing to say that it almost doesn't register. Thats another reason for you not to have the debate in your small pond where the Moderating Powers That Be have a bias. You should be seeking out someone qualified instead of VIDEOGAMES forumites. I tried to talk to silver potion guy about enzymes, how their shape is related to their function, and how the addition of heavy metals changes their shape. Thats a thing that is present in high school biology textbooks but the guy "knew" it made him healthier. I know you've been the first to invoke "You have a belief system while i'm EMPIRACAL" but I'm not the one living in a fantasy world of heroes and villains.
  9. Ok, cool, thx for the warning.
  10. I was seriously creeped out. I mean the jerks who put it all together were doing it for all the wrong reasons and the self-admitted autistic guy they reeled it out of clearly lacked insight into what was so weird about the whole thing.
  11. lancer, do you get jokes? Do you get that thing I said might not be sincere? also how do you reconcile being a decent human being with trying hard to set up green card marriages for young ladies you somehow know to vulnerable autistic people on the internet? Edit: Aha, my fault for not quoting lancers post as it originally was. Now it kind of looks like i'm making this personal attack out of nowhere. Oh well!
  12. No, because I'm a leftist and out to kill you. BOO! I'm clearly not to be trusted and everything I say is a lie. There was a guy on the Apolyton forums who thought AIDS was not caused by the HIV virus. There was a girl in my evoultion classes who was a creationist and belonged to that sect that doesn't cut their hair. I used to play BF3 with a guy who drank "potions" made of silver, a toxic heavy metal, because it stopped him getting colds. These were all demonstrably intelligent people but you absolutely could not debate them regarding their own little pet stupidity. Tens of thousands of papers. Many educators and too many blogs. Why are you asking your questions here?
  13. Sorry but you're not worth it. You're deep into conspiracy theory territory with the belief that the leftists are out to kill you. Thats just one of a whole bunch of issues that need resolving before the debate could be even started with you. Theres just no reason to assume good faith on your part currently. Your post reads kind of like that creationist who offers $1mill to anyone who can prove evolution, but somehow noone has been able to collect on it so far. also you acknowledge the scientific literature exists already in huge volume, but either you find it inaccessible or would just rather some chump on a VIDEOGAMES forum to do it for you. Why not seek out someone more qualified and engage them (you could even report back on how you're owning them). The problem is made worse by that you're pretty damn intelligent and are making the smart persons most common mistake; that of placing too much value on your own opinions. For a double whammy, this is not an area of expertise of yours and the dunning kreuger effect of being unable to assess your own competence is very much in play here.
  14. hurf blurf cheese eating surrender monkeys god its tiring all these decades old european national stereotypes rooted in the last war. almost makes me wish for another so we could wipe the slate clean and have some new ones I honestly can't fault their reasoning for leaving others holding the bag. the nato timetable is optimistic, the whole thing about leaving "training" troops afterwards is clearly a huge loophole and even that won't necessarily stop everything going wrong. By getting out early they're giving themselves enough distance that they can say "i told you so" if a high level of internal afghanistan conflict breaks out in 2014.
  15. So you did a couple of tours of sweet ****all some decades ago and feel able to get personally offended at France not wanting to be involved in a grubby localized conflict zone half the world away from its borders? I mean, hell, at least if things went bad where you were stationed then global annihilation was a possibility. Thats some high stakes. What is there to play for in Afghanistan? Do you think Afghanistan is winnable? Did you think Vietnam was winnable and that your brave boys were backstabbed by the politicians and pinkos back home?