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  1. I'm afraid contacting Hex would not be possible, he's doing fine last I heard but he retired from all the gaming stuff some years ago. With regards to CtP2, you might be able to get some help at Apolyton, there are a few people keeping it alive in a very impressive way.
  2. Shockingly enough, looks like this went well. WPC is now on a different server, after many years on the previous one. Things seem to be working well, and I'll be keeping a close watch for issues in the upcoming days.
  3. An advance warning that WPC will experience some downtime within the coming week or two. The downtime itself will be limited to a few hours if all goes all planned, or maybe a couple of days if it goes as usual. The reason is that WPC will be moved to a different server.
  4. BU is requesting this to be closed, and i agree this conversation has probably run its course.
  5. Now?
  6. By the way, just as always, I can be quickly reached over email if anyone needs me. I'll almost always see an email on the same day.
  7. A few remarks on pulling the plug here - it's not something you guys have to be concerned about either. Unless I get hit by a bus, the site isn't going anywhere for the foreseeable future. It costs me almost nothing to keep online, in terms of money and, more importantly, time. The necessary maintenance is on the order of 15 minutes every 6 months, and that much I can do. And if the time comes to turn off the lights, I would by far prefer to keep the site online as a read-only archive instead of taking it down entirely. I really don't like how easily a lot of online content disappears. There are troves of fantastic pages that vanish within a few short years. The Civ community is actually pretty great at content preservation, a lot of content dating back even 20 years still exists, including through BU's amazing job for the SMAC parts.
  8. Hey, AC2 is a very impressive windmill to have dealt with. You know I am impressed by that effort and success. You want to swing at some more windmills? Well, I'm not stopping you, but I am not encouraging that either. This forum is now owned by the community of the few regulars that hang out here. If these old-timers want to do something, I don't mind. If one of that bunch has some ideas and wants to assume management of the site, I'm open to that in principle. And if everyone's happy as things stand now, then that's how it will remain. My impression is that this community consensus already exists. No worries about me getting involved again, as astute as the concern is As I said above, I had considered re-starting this place a couple of years ago, but that's no longer a concern. Enough has happened in my life that I cannot see myself getting back into this business, and that's probably a good thing for me. It just happens so that I'm now posting this in the middle of the night, but what will happen is that something will come up for me soon to draw my attention away from this conversation, and then I won't even check back for weeks.
  9. I really have no idea what could be preventing access from several devices like that. Google has no malware warnings for WPC. The site now has a trusted SSL certificate, so it works on devices/browsers that only allow HTTPS traffic - WPC gets an A rating on the SSL Labs check. Half a year ago the site was inaccessible to some people for a day because the certificate had expired, but other than that, I really don't know.
  10. Yes, of course, you've been trying for a few years now to do some good here, encouraging activity here, and encouraging me in private. So full credit for that. That does little to change the current situation though - it's the same as I said, the small bunch of regulars we have here are quite happy with how things are, so there's no desire or need to change anything. Your suggestions are coming from a good place and in good tone, but it's also just shouting into the void.
  11. To be fair, the amount needed is about zero

  13. The site isn't coming back in any significant form. For one, forums are kind of dead in general. Online communities have changed and have moved to what is in my opinion a much worse model, with Facebook and all, but my own judgments aside, it's a fact that online communities are very different from what they were 10 years ago. As for WPC, not much of significance has been done around here for maybe 5 years or so. I am nominally the owner of this place, but for me Civ5 was a big blow to my dedication to Civ sites. I think Civ5 was very poor when released, and I know the opinion is shared by many old-timers. I actually enjoy Civ6 though, it's not problem-free of course but I think the game has been fun from day one. In the end, I myself stopped visiting WPC on a daily basis, and haven't done anything at all apart from the forum upgrade for the past 2 years. I had actually thought about re-starting the site properly for Civ6, but after some brief soul searching, I decided against that. I have largely moved on to doing other things in my free time, and while I can still enjoy a game of Civ for sure, I am not so sure about enjoying running a site. It takes a lot of time and energy, dedication which I no longer have, and frankly it's not always a pleasant experience. A somewhat active forum comes with issues of staff management, policy setting, and conflict management such as members being upset with the moderators, rightly or wrongly. To put it simply, I am not interested in dealing with that anymore. I now mostly see this place as a forum for some old-timer regulars to talk to one another, and it's not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. While I haven't invested any time into WPC for a while, it also costs me essentially nothing to keep running, so there's no big danger of the forum just vanishing.
  14. Best of luck in your fight, E_T. No words strong enough to express how much cancer sucks.
  15. Nah I just deleted some random directories from the disk - what could go wrong? :)