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  1. Note the 'Extremely hostile AI' warning. This will affect many FW scenarios played using MGE. MGE also cannot read FW's major city objectives; I think that's what Cedric meant by 'A bug in programming disallows higher scores for different cities in scenarios'. IMO, MGE is the weakest and most redundant of all the versions of Civ2. Vanilla Civ2 and FW have a better AI diplomacy model and ToT does everything that MGE does and more.
  2. That's still true. However, if the Ultimate Classic Collection is capable of playing MGE scenarios, then you've probably got the equivalent of MGE. I just downloaded the scenario to check. It's MGE; so if DarkCloud only has FW, then he can't play it - unless he converts his version to MGE using Cedric Greene's patch.
  3. Yes, but you can't play MGE scenarios with FW, so which is it? FW or MGE?
  4. *cough* ToT is Civ2. That's why it's called Civ2: ToT. Barring a few bug fixes, it's identical in gameplay to MGE. Is MGE Civ2? FYI, Red Front, 2194 Days of War and Bonaparte 2 have all been converted to ToT. Carry on, then...
  5. Content is king and reputation spreads by word of mouth (or the electronic equivalent); the entire article in a nutshell. Anyone who finds that useful isn't fit to run a major website.
  6. What has that got to do with my comment about the quality of the article?
  7. A dozen paragraphs of waffle to state the bleeding obvious.
  8. What attracts me to a gaming site? Content and the ability to find it. My priorities are roughly in the following order: Patches (downloads database). Technical support (forums). Gameplay tips (forums and downloads database). Mods and scenarios (forums and downloads database). News on upcoming releases - official and unofficial (homepage). Multi-player games (forums).* If I can't find it, I move on. CFC has this in spades. Apolyton's in big trouble unless they get their downloads database and homepage sorted - minimum. Mods and scenarios is what keeps me coming back long-term. * Not really one of mine, as I don't play multi-player games over the Internet. LAN only.
  9. The smaller versions are much tidier. I'd go with Maquiladora's major categories as a template for the other games - consistent and logical. :b: Just drop 'Source Code Project', unless of course the game has one. Sooner rather than later; before the area becomes heavily populated with files.
  10. I found Paul Cullivan's Seeds of Greatness and Michael Daumen's The Great Game on the first scenario page I checked: Historical Civilization Scenarios.
  11. Well, there are a few in the link to the Scenario League forum you provided. :b: Here are links to the individual ToT scenario threads from the first couple of pages (at least the ones that look like they could be going somewhere): Open Betas American War of Independence by civ2units Eurasian Wars by Curt Sibling Fortress Europe by McMonkey The Korean War by Patine War of the Ring by Catfish Closed Betas Red October 2.0 by Techumseh In Development A Divided Nation by civ2units Jan III Sobieski by GhostOfDisco Pomarj for ToT by Cyrion The Sea Kings by EZRhino
  12. That list of scenarios is three years old. Many of the betas listed are dead. I think most are not for ToT. For links to ToT scenarios, see here.
  13. The Cradle of Civilization is still online. Since it's currently hosted by Apolyton and its webmaster, William Keenan, is no longer active, I doubt a merge is on the cards.