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  1. I am still up for it, although I am far more swamped working 40+ hours a week now...
  2. <p>Sorry, been working 40+ hours a week and I just moved into my new apartment, I didnt have the chance to take a look. Let me see if I can get at it...</p>

  3. <p>Now's a good time for you to say something as Riverwind.</p>

  4. If anyone is interested in continuing this, I would be interested in jumping in. I really would hate to watch it die if we can revive it :)
  5. I didnt know we cant use images in our sigs... but that is ok, it is still a good picture non-the-less. Thank you for it! I will have to figure out how to put it to use...
  6. If you are still taking requests... I have one for you... I was hoping for a banner, sort of like a signature banner for forums. 400 pixels wide, 150 tall, maybe? Here is my idea: a planet (I was thinking for the purpose of SMAC it could be Planet, but really, I dont mind what the world looks like, so long as it looks realistic, it could even be earth if you find a suitable picture lol). It would be a view from space, so that the curve of the planet runs the middle of the banner. On one half would be the view of planet (right side), the other half would be the stars and perhaps the sun of that world (left side). I was hoping to get a clean copy of just that, then maybe add words over top of it where I think they would be most appropriate... Anyway, if you would prefer not, dont worry I'll get around to fiddling with it. If you want to take it up I look forward to it Thanks, and by the way, this thread is awesome.
  7. <p>Subscribed threads can be found under Quick Links now. As far as I know. I haven't actually used it yet.</p>

  8. <p>For the life of me I can't figure out how to view my subscriptions with the new layout.. do you know how or is it still possible?</p>

  9. <p>Riverwind, we await you. A turn is 6 seconds. You get a move action and an attack action, basically. You don't get two attacks yet, at your current level. You also get a free action, such as speech or drawing a weapon (if you drop your current one).</p>

  10. <p>I saw that. Awesome! :b: Much appreciated. :yes:</p>


    <p>Good news, I have been accepted to the cmn program! </p>

    <p>Hopefully I will be able to help out support the pbem community a bit. </p>



  12. My thoughts on this are this - one of the biggest reasons why anyone would be looking for an active site for SMAC is to multiplay. Let's use that. Someone previous said to mention and explain the cmn program, and that we should. Create a section named 'multiplayer' and just explain the different forms of a problems with multiplayer,then reference WPC. That can be as simple as the following: Since there are no dedicated servers or match making program for the game, finding multiplayer opponents can sometimes be difficult. Many players seek out forums and sites dedicated to SMAC multiplayer matchmaking such as WPC etc. This gives players both a community to discuss and learn about the game but also facilitates multiplayer games. That way we 1) add new content and 2) have a legitimate claim to being linked. Dunno, that's my dos centavos.
  13. <p>LOL. I have to admit a similar thing with the spartans. Used them since day one, them and the university, mainly.</p>

  14. <p>Gaians, out of force of habit more than anything.</p>